The Humanities Collective promotes, coordinates, and highlights faculty and students’ humanities research, events, and programming at Trinity University and in the larger San Antonio community.

The Humanities Collective serves as Trinity’s  hub for the humanities and  supports the students, faculty, and staff of the nine humanities departments as well as humanities-adjacent programs. Each year the Humanities Collective will organize events, workshops, and opportunities that focus on an annual theme. 

We aim to foster humanistic learning and enable meaningful action through programming that supports the scholarship of humanities faculty and students; engages partners on campus and in the community to advance the public humanities; and calls attention to the relevance of the humanities in contemporary society.

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Following on last year’s theme of “Building,” the 2023-2024 Humanities Collective theme is “Sustaining.” Our events and programming will focus on sustaining and nourishing the relationships that are foundational to the study of the Humanities. We invite you to join us in thinking about how we can use the tools and resources of the Humanities to imagine and create sustainable futures for our university community, for San Antonio, and for our planet.

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Our Programs


Humanities Scholarship

We support the scholarly activities and pursuits of Trinity faculty and students:

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellows
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium

Humanities in the Community

We gather and promote humanities events for students, faculty, and the broader San Antonio community.

Our events include public lectures, seminars, film screenings, and a variety of other showcase opportunities.

Humanities in Practice

We encourage students from all backgrounds to register for courses in the humanities and to consider a major or minor in a humanities subject.

Each October we also host Humanities Day, in which humanities alumni are invited to campus to share their personal career journeys and advice with current and prospective majors.

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