The humanities at Trinity break down barriers and create new connections between disciplines. Combining research and experiential learning with an interdisciplinary perspective, we create curious, critical thinkers and innovators who apply themselves beyond the classroom.

Fast Facts
  • 18 humanities majors and 31 humanities minors
  • No. 55 in the nation - U.S. News and World Report (USNWR)
  • No. 53 in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects - USNWR
Campus Initiatives
  • Humanities Collective
    The Humanities Collective promotes student and faculty research in the humanities and coordinates humanities events and programming both at Trinity University and in the larger San Antonio community.
  • Mellon Initiative
    The Mellon Initiative promotes undergraduate research in the arts and humanities at Trinity University. 
photo of artist Sasha Faust standing in front of some of her works


Humanities Programs at Trinity

What are the humanities departments, majors, and minors at Trinity?

The humanities comprise nine academic departments with a wide range of majors and minors, in addition to several interdisciplinary programs.

Student Opportunities

Scholarships and Awards

Trinity awards financial aid and scholarships specifically for fine arts and humanities students as well as humanities department scholarships and financial awards.

Fine Arts and Humanities Scholarships

Research Opportunities

Mellon Initiative Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)
Mellon SURF is a 10-week summer program during which students work on a project directly related to their faculty mentor’s research. Participants receive:

  • A $4,200 stipend
  • Free dormitory housing for the summer research period
  • A travel and supplies budget
  • One credit hour on their transcript

Participants present their research at the end of the summer at the Trinity Summer Research Colloquium. 

Previous SURF Projects

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Mellon Initiative Mini-Grants
Mellon Initiative Mini-Grants provide funding opportunities for student-directed projects guided by faculty mentors in independent study work or as a supplement to coursework.

There are two types of mini-grants:

  • Traditional Arts/Humanities projects
  • Innovative Arts/Humanities projects

Humanities Lab Courses

    Student Organizations

    Publications and Writing

    Performing Arts

    Humanities Clubs

    Study Abroad

    Studying the humanities opens Trinity students up to cross-cultural learning. By crossing borders, they seek to understand the differences and recognize the commonalities between cultures across the world and throughout time.

    Humanities Study Abroad

    Spaces and Facilities



    Humanities Collective Events 

    • Humanitea 
    • Humanities Day 
    • Douglass Day
    • Spring Resume Workshop

    Humanities Lecture Series

    • Lennox Seminar Series
    • Mexico, the Americas, and Spain (MAS) Álvarez Seminar
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecture 
    • Reading TUgether Lecture Series 
    • Southwest Texas Archaeological Society Lecture Series 
    • Stieren Arts Enrichment Series 
    • Women’s History Month 

    Upcoming Events

    When You Graduate

    Skilled, Versatile, and In-demand

    Trinity’s humanities alumni are sought-after for their problem-solving, creative vision, and well-roundedness, all of which give them the ability to thrive across multiple career fields.

    Humanities Skills and Careers


    How Can the Humanities Work for You

    Faculty members interview alumni about how their humanities degrees helped them navigate their paths after graduation.