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KRTU offers unparalleled access to the South Texas music scene, professional connections and experience, and freedom to share your musical passion on the air.

Trinity Employment Opportunities

Job Opportunities

For the moment, we are not accepting applications for any positions. Thank you for your interest.

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Students can charge the parking permit fee to their student account through the last day of add/drop (Fall semester 9/2/20; Spring semester 1/21/21). Completing registration will authorize Trinity to apply the cost of a parking permit to the student account.

Internship Opportunities

Students interested in learning what it takes to work for and manage a professional media outlet can take one-hour apprenticeships courses in:

  • Radio hosting
  • Production
  • Development
  • Management

Interested and committed students may explore opportunities for internships and even paid management positions.

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If you would like to explore your options at KRTU, please send an email to