Advertising with KRTU

As an FCC-licensed, non-commercial, educational (NCE) radio station, KRTU allows people to submit on-air announcements to be broadcast in the form of tax-deductible underwriting agreements.

Consider on-air and digital underwriting with KRTU as an effective and affordable way to increase awareness of your business or get your message out to the San Antonio community and beyond.


Promote your business or event on-air or online at KRTU 91.7 FM.


Reach an influential audience of engaged and affluent listeners.


Increase awareness of your business among our community of well-connected, independent listeners.


Make your message stand out by marketing your services on non-commercial, community radio.




  • Radio reaches more U.S. adults each week (92%) than any other media platform.
  • Nearly 64% of adults compliment their traditional radio use with streaming audio through smartphones.


Community Radio

KRTU listeners:

  • Tune in to discover new music and artists
  • Enjoy unique and original programming
  • Value and are engaged in local independent cultural organizations



KRTU FM 91.7:

  • Provides 45 jazz and indie/alt rock radio programs
  • Provides affordable media support for the non-profit and for-profit business community

Service Area Contour

With a current service area of 3,059 square miles, your message will be heard by a wide diversity of individuals in the San Antonio community and beyond.

Fast Facts

  • Station Info: 91.7 FM
  • Station Wattage: 30,000 watts
  • Service Contour: 3,059 square miles
  • Service Area Population: 2.4 million
  • High-Density Member Zip Codes: 78209, 78212, 78230, 78232, 78248, 78247
Contour map of KRTU's new radio tower

On-Air Announcement Advantages

Through on-air advertising with KRTU, you can:

  • Reach attentive listeners during consistent and uncluttered breaks
  • Have your investment serve the dual functions of public relations and marketing
  • Generate strong brand loyalty through openly supporting the KRTU community

Rates for On-air Announcements



Jazz Radio
5 a.m. to 10 p.m.



Indie Overnight Radio
10 p.m. to 5 a.m.


Underwriting Affordability

Underwriting on non-commercial radio is the most cost-effective decision you can make when determining to invest your marketing dollars.

Radio production costs less than TV and print and is less expensive to buy than most major media, allowing advertisers to afford maximum reach. Radio Advertising Bureau 2017


KRTU’s Digital Profile

San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in America with economic demand in medical, biomedical and biotechnology, tourism, technology, and military sectors. Its close proximity to Mexico makes it a cultural hub of engagement with the Latin American world.

 Strong Online Presence

Broadcast Web Stream

  • 30,000 avg. monthly impressions
  • 3,000 avg. monthly unique IP addresses

KRTU Website

  • 2,500 avg. monthly users
  • 3,000 avg. monthly pageviews
  • 79.5% new users and 25.5% returning users

 Social Media

  • Facebook: 10,500+ total followers
  • Instagram: 3,000+ total followers
  • Twitter: 3,700+ total followers

 Monthly e-Newsletter

  • 3,500+ subscribers
  • 50% open rate
three Trinity students walk through Market Square under papel picado

Digital Promotion Packages

Add a digital package to your marketing initiative and access KRTU’s large digital network.

Events Basic Package w/ On-Air Announcements

Business Branding Package


  • Mention on the “Upcoming Events” section
  • Main page posting with event link


  • Event listing

Social Media:

  • 1-3 posts


  • Main page posting with business link


  • Sponsorship with link

Broadcast web stream:

  • Banner with link


  • $300 total


  • $500 per individual item
  • $1500 for all items for one month

Steps for Making an Underwriting Agreements

  1. Identify your promotional goal and budget

  2. Contact Monica Reina at or 210-999-8078

  3. Prepare and sign your contract

  4. Submit your payment

  5. Approve the language for your on-air underwriting spot

  6. Determine the announcement run of schedule

  7. Receive your affidavit and paid receipt after the run of schedule is complete

Notes about Agreements

  • Custom packages and program or event sponsorships are available
  • Nonprofit organizations qualify for a 15% discount on all underwriting packages
  • There is a minimum order of $500.00 on all underwriting packages

Announcement Guidelines

All announcements must comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines. Please note that KRTU only accepts 20-second (50 words or less) scripts or bullet-point information.

Find more FCC Guideline Information


Underwriting announcements may:

  • Describe your business
  • Identify facilities, services, products, or events
  • Describe your corporate mission
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor
  • Include a corporate slogan (so long as it is not flagrantly promotional)
  • Include a web address, phone number, and street address for your business
  • Indicate the number of years you have been in business
  • Include the name of a nonprofit organization you support (although it must be clear that you are providing the funding for the announcement)


Underwriting announcements may not:

  • Use qualitative language (e.g., award winning, leading, etc.)
  • Use comparative language (e.g., better, best, oldest etc.)
  • Use a call to action ("Visit our store...")
  • Use an inducement to buy, sell, rent, or lease
  • Make references to price or value (e.g., free, discount specials, etc.)
  • Use personal pronouns, unless as part of a slogan