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As part of its mission to serve listeners and the community, KRTU broadcasts Public Service Announcements (PSAs) free of charge.

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Business and Education


Health and Safety

Submission Requirements

Before you submit your PSA request, please ensure that it meets KRTU’s criteria. Note that KRTU accepts 20-second (50 words or less) scripts or bullet-point information only.

Events and Information should:

  • Be submitted by a (local) non-profit organization or agency, or benefit a non-profit entity
  • Have appeal and value to the KRTU audience and/or provide some service or benefit to listeners, members, or the community
  • Be located in and pertain to the greater San Antonio area
  • Include, if free to the public, the statement “This event is open to the public."

Events and Information should not:

  • Pertain to candidates for office or political organizations
  • Promote religion (events held in a religious space by an organization with no religious affiliation are permissible upon station review)
  • Be pre-recorded

Selection and Scheduling

PSAs will be selected at the discretion of the PSA Coordinator. Events or information relating to KRTU’s mission will have priority.

Placement and frequency cannot be guaranteed. Guaranteed schedules are only available through the purchase of underwriting time or a sponsorship agreement.