KRTU hosts a variety of programs throughout the day and night to highlight the richness of jazz and indie music.

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JJ Lopez speaking into a microphone at the Community Host celebration


KRTU Community Hosts

KRTU has many awesome hosts who bring you the best in jazz and indie overnight programming.

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Growing Jazz Initiative

In 2015, KRTU launched a new pilot of its Growing Jazz initiative, which brings experienced jazz musicians into schools for workshops, mentoring, and inspiration.


Keeping Jazz Alive in Schools

The Growing Jazz initiative allows students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to learn about, experience, and create jazz music.

Growing Jazz’s hands-on, one-of-a-kind educational opportunities exemplify KRTU's dedication to enriching and engaging the next generation of jazz musicians, jazz fans and arts patrons.


Letter from a Band Director

“The clinic made a significant impression... I cannot get them to stop practicing improvisation, nor do I want to! The musicians were outstanding, demonstrated a high standard of performance for the students, and offered a sincere educational experience towards the students. I would wish that performances/clinics of this kind [were] offered throughout the school year."

Greg Garcia
Band Director at J.L. Matthey Middle School