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  • Photo of panelist at a Humanities Day presentation
    Humanities Day a celebration of Trinity’s core values

    “I’ve never read a book that started with the sentence, ‘I did what my mother told me.’ ”  These are the words of newspaperman and entrepreneur Robert Rivard, a guest on the second panel of Trinity’s first Humanities Day...

  • photo of Daniel Mendelshohn at a podium giving a speech
    ‘Taking the long view’ with Daniel Mendelsohn  
    “All criticism, I think, is ultimately an ethical or moral undertaking,” said Mendelsohn, an award-winning author and part-time professor at Bard College. “But I want to push back against that inevitable normativity... 
  • photo of students standing in a circle, holding hands and praying
    Solidarity vigil held to stand against hate  

    On Monday, Aug. 21, the Humanities Collective offered a space for the Trinity community to gather and stand in solidarity with the victims of the Charlottesville riot, the Barcelona attack and other acts of violence....