Immerse yourself in urban history, society, and development, and contribute to social change—all in the vibrant, diverse city of San Antonio. The minor in urban studies is an ideal way to balance becoming an involved citizen of your city with other academic interests.

Fast Facts
  • San Antonio is one of the fastest growing U.S. cities, as well as one of the most culturally, historically, and ecologically rich 
  • Student researchers helped develop San Antonio’s $2.7 billion “equity budget.”
Two students riding a city bus looking out the window


What You'll Study

Discover how cities work


Multidisciplinary Expertise

Urban Studies faculty come from multiple academic departments on campus and are leaders in their fields. They include a geographer, an anthropologist, economists, and historians. Collectively, their research stretches across continents and disciplines. As committed teachers and mentors they help students learn to transform the places where they work and live.

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Habiba Noor, Ph.D.
Headshot of John Anders
John Anders, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Economics
headshot of Christine Drennon_2022
Christine Drennon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
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Mark Garrison, Ph.D.
Alice P. Brown Distinguished Professor, Art and Art History
Shana McDermott
Shana McDermott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Economics
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Tahir H. Naqvi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
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Kathryn O'Rourke, Ph.D.
Professor, Art and Art History
headshot of Timothy O'Sullivan_2022
Tim O'Sullivan, Ph.D.
Professor, Classical Studies

Student Opportunities

Get out of the classroom and into the field


Trinity’s strong network can help facilitate internships with city and county governments, local nonprofit organizations, and firms specializing in economic development, land use, and design.

Spaces and Facilities

For many Urban Studies students San Antonio is an extension of the classroom and a subject of research. They get to know the city by riding the bus, walking in neighborhoods, studying buildings and landscapes, and working with community members. 

The Social Science Laboratory offers 24 hour access and serves as a classroom, GIS lab, computer lab, and a late-night study-hangout.

Student Organizations

The Urban Studs, a club for students interested in urban studies, have come together to explore common interests and find ways to express their enthusiasm.

Student Awards and Recognition

Catherine Powell Prize for Outstanding Student in Urban Studies

Named for a distinguished member of the Urban Studies faculty, the Catherine Powell Prize for Outstanding Student in Urban Studies is awarded annually to the student who, in the judgment of the Urban Studies faculty, has not only performed exceedingly well in the classroom, but has demonstrated a deep understanding of and appreciation for the city.

Alex Briseño Award

Named for a distinguished graduate of the Urban Studies Program and San Antonio’s longest serving City Manager, the Alex Briseño Award is given annually to the student who, in the judgment of the Urban Studies faculty, has not only performed well in the classroom, but also ‘lives’ the Urban Studies experience in his or her daily life.

Lectures and Events

Special lectures and guest speakers regularly bring experts to campus for dialogue and exchange. Representatives come from a wide range of organizations including the San Antonio Housing Authority, VIA, Public Art San Antonio, and the San Antonio Botanical Garden. 

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When You Graduate

Blueprint for Success

Urban Studies minors go forth with exceptional understanding of cities and how they work. With this knowledge, and their analytical skills, they are prepared for opportunities in many fields.  

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