2019 Symposium Program

Monday, June 24

8:00--9:00      Breakfast and Registration

9:20--9:30     Opening Remarks by Trinity University President, Dr. Danny Anderson

9:30--10:30    Keynote address  by Prof. Maarit Jarvenpaa, Chair : Paul Humke

                          Random covering sets: an introduction and some recent results 

10:30--11:00  Coffee Break

11:00--12:00  Keynote address by Prof. Charles Chidume, Chair: Eddy Kwessi

                         A strong convergence Theorem for maximal operators in Banach spaces with application for Hammerstein equations

12:00--1:00   Lunch

  2:00--2:30   Esa Jarvepaa, Chair: Pam Pierce

                          Random covering sets of rectangles in the Heisenberg group

  2:30--3:00  Malgorzata Turowska

                         Topologies generated by algebraic operations in real functions spaces

 3:00--3:30   Coffee break

 3:30--4:00   Alan Chang

                        Analytic capacity and projections

 4:00--4:30   Aliasghar Alikhani-Koopaei

                       On the sets of fixed points, periodic points, chain recurrent points of continuous and bounded Baire one Functions

 4:30--5:00  Floor discussion

 5:00--6:00   Dinner

Tuesday, June 25: Special Session

8:00--9:00      Breakfast and Registration

9:30--10:30    Keynote address  by Prof. Adul-Aziz Yakubu, Chair : Emma D'Aniello

                           Population cycles in discrete-time infectious diseases models

10:30--11:00  Coffee Break

11:00--12:00  Keynote address by Prof. Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem

                          Complex dynamics observed in a mosquito-centerd demographic

12:00--1:00   Lunch

  2:00--2:30   Nourridine Siewe, Chair: Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem

                          How to Increase Hemoglobyn level in severe malarial anemia while controlling parasitemia?

  2:30--3:00  Emma D'Aniello

                         Compositions operators, chaos, and odometers

 3:00--3:30   Coffee break

 3:30--4:00   Eddy Kwessi

                      Complex, chaotic attractors, and applications

 4:00--4:30   Lois Okereke

                      Inverse Problem of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning: A mathematical framework from radionbiological models to optimization

 4:30--5:00  Floor discussion

 5:00--6:00   Dinner                

Wednesday, June 26

8:00--9:00      Breakfast and Registration

9:30--10:30    Keynote address  by Prof. Eric Sawyer, Chair : Alvaro Arias

                           Some recent results in two weight testing

10:30--11:00  Coffee Break

11:00--11:30  Ngalla Djitte

                          Explicit algorithms for zeros of monotone mappings in classical Banach Spaces

11:30--12:00  Dariusz Bugajewski

                         Nonlinear superposition operators in ABV spaces

12:00--12:15  Group picture 

12:15--1:00    Lunch                     

 2:30--5:00     Excursion

                         The River Walk San Antonio & The Alamo

 5:00--6:00    Dinner

Thursday, June 27

8:00--9:00      Breakfast and Registration

9:30--10:30    Keynote address  by Brett Wick, Chair : Eric Sawyer

                       Commutators and bounded mean oscillations

10:30--11:00  Coffee Break

11:00--11:30  Alvaro Arias

                          Banach spaces with Tsirelson-type norm

11:30--12:30  Gertruda Ivanova

                          About porosity in functions spaces

12:00--1:00   Lunch

  2:00--2:30   Ondrej Kurka, Chair: Brett Wick

                          Complexity of distance between metric and Banach spaces​

  2:30--3:00  Janusz Morawiec

                         An application of banach limits to functional equations

 3:00--3:30   Coffee break

 3:30--4:00   Paul Humke

                      Delicate details of filing space

 4:00--4:30   Kiril Naralenkov

                       On the sequences of Riemann-Measurable vector-valued functions

 4:30--5:00  Floor discussion

 6:00--9:00   Conference Banquet and Andy Award

                       The Tower of The Americas

Friday, June 28

8:00--9:00      Breakfast and Registration

9:30--10:00    Piotr Sworoski, Chair : Russel Gordon

                           Comparison of some trigonometric integrals

10:00--10:30  Oswaldo Rio Branco de Oliveira

                          The implicit function theorem for maps that only differentiable: An elementary proof

10300--11:00  Coffee Break

11:00--11:30   Serges Phanzu

                           Pure quasinormal operators have supercyclic adjoints

11:30--12:00   Cheng-Han Pan

                           Differentiable nowhere monotone extensions

  12:00--1:00   Lunch

  2:00--2:30  Russel Gordon, Chair: Paul Musial

                           Properties of the curve by x^y=y^x                         

 2:30--3:00    Martin Dolezal

                         A Turan-type theorem for large-distance graphs in Euclidian spaces

 3:00--3:30    Coffee Break            

 3:30--4:00   Stanislaw Kowalczyk

                        Multiplications in the space of functions of bounded variations

 4:00--4:30   Ondrej Zindulka

                      Typical behavior of Lip f

4:30--5:00     Floor discussion

5:00--6:00   Dinner