What to expect

Human-centered design meets modern educational goals

Program Structure

Designed with working professionals in mind, Fellows can participate in the TSDN program while continuing to do what they do best in their current school.

The Fellowship component occurs over the course of approximately 40 days during a 12-month period, with meetings typically held on Fridays and Saturdays.

1 Year
Training Fellowship

Rigorous school-design training, leadership development, and coaching

Implementation Support

Prepares you for a strong and successful launch of your new school

2 Years
Post-Launch Coaching

Development and coaching support post-launch within a powerful Networked Community of Practice

School Districts and Charter Management Organizations

Together with their School District or Charter Management Organization, Fellows work to design, develop, and launch a new school

School districts and CMOs ensure the Fellow actively participates in the year-long school design program and support the launch of the new school soon after the 12-month Fellowship component to the greatest extent possible. Together, the Fellow and their organization will identify a central administration-level liaison to engage and support the Fellow in the design, development, and launch of the new school over the course of the program.

Fellowship Training

A rigorous curriculum and an intense learning experience grounded in human-centered design gives Fellows the critical skills and competencies necessary to launch new, high-quality schools. Throughout your training, you will be coached and supported by a network of talented educators and experts from various organizations.

Student with Professor in classroom

Accelerate what’s next

Creating an educational landscape where strong leaders design and launch new schools which serve as models of equity and empowerment for all.

Beginning in Year 2, Design Fellows will apply the tools and concepts from the Fellowship Training year to launch or redesign a school. Supported by a network of talented educators, the Trinity School Design Network (TSDN) works with each Fellow and their supporting organization to pioneer a new school and empower them in bringing it to life. 

The structure of these schools is flexible to many forms of governance and can be launched in an entirely new space or by repurposing an existing campus in alignment with the TSDN mission. However, each school must be committed to creating additional, high-quality seats and opening this enrollment to underserved communities in the greater San Antonio area.

Between the Fellowship year and the launch of the new school, Fellows receive individualized implementation support to prepare for a strong school launch. During this time, Fellows identify and secure necessary resources and support through a variety of settings with TSDN staff, other Fellows, their central administration, and staff for their new school design.

Fellows will benefit from two-years of individualized continuous coaching support post-launch by TSDN staff as well as through a networked community of practice. Regularly scheduled coaching sessions will focus on further refinement of the school design, enhancement of the Fellow’s leadership skills, and assessment of overall growth and performance of the school. Design Fellows will also meet with other cohorts to share and reflect on their experiences with their new schools and to learn from one another.

Success in the Making

Headshot: Ramon Gutierrez

TSDN has created a community of leaders passionate about challenging existing school models and responding to change with a systematic way of thinking. I look forward to our collaborative sessions every month.

Ramon Gutierrez
Principal at IDEA College Prep


I am excited to grow my self and my staff with the incredible resources and coaching that this fellowship provides. My ultimate goal is to redesign my campus into a leadership academy.

Kelle Lofton, Ed.D. 
Principal at Franz Elementary


Headshot of Kelle Lofton 2021



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