Organization Partners

  • Compass Rose Public Schools
  • Edgewood ISD
  • Harlandale ISD
  • IDEA Public Schools
  • Jubilee Academies
  • Judson ISD
  • North East ISD
  • Northside ISD
  • San Antonio ISD
  • Somerset ISD
  • Southwest ISD
Applications for Summer 2022
are now open

March 31, 2022

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Admissions Standards

Strong candidates for the program will come from multiple sources, including a school district or charter management organization (CMO) recommendation or proposed free-standing charter schools. Interested candidates from other sources may also apply.*

  1. Ideal candidates will have school leadership experience and principal certification. For candidates wishing to join the Fellowship without a strong background in leading schools, individualized plans will be developed to include partnerships with other high-quality educational training programs such as Trinity University's principal preparation program.
  2. Must demonstrate interest and commitment to designing schools for underserved student populations
  3. Must be able to attend both in-person and virtual workshops (Friday-Saturday) at varied sites 

*Admissions standards are flexible. We encourage all interested candidates to contact our team at to learn more about eligibility and participation.

Endorsement Requirement

Candidates will also require the approval and support of their respective school districts or charter management organizations. 

For more information about this requirement, contact our team at


The following qualities are vital to the success of a Fellow. The selection process has been developed to illuminate the degree to which each candidate demonstrates experience or expertise regarding the following qualities.

Growth Mindset

Learning Orientation
investment in self-development and openness to learning

Feedback Orientation
ability to receive and act on feedback constructively

Instructional Orientation
ability to recognize and support effective learning and teaching

Leadership Skills

Distributive Leadership
humility and ability to maximize the team contributions

Exposure to Excellence
track record in settings with high standards for performance

clarity and professionalism of written and oral communication

Emotional Intelligence

Equity Orientation
sincere, active commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

authentic willingness to explore new ideas and perspectives

People Orientation
ability to connect positively with others in various situations

Cohort Selection

Once your application is completed, CMO or school district representatives will be identified to participate along-side Fellowship staff in the selection process. 

Each candidate and their organization will have the opportunity to share their past experiences and performance, as well as to demonstrate their current understanding and embodiment of the qualities identified as success markers for effective founding school leaders.

Final selection decisions will be made by May 31, 2022.