Stronger leaders and empowered schools ... by design

We’re investing in the future of our San Antonio community by enabling passionate and motivated school leaders to bring state-of-the-art educational programming to life through the design and establishment of new schools. Created in partnership with invested philanthropic support, the Trinity School Design Network (TSDN) is focused on developing innovative school opportunities for students in the greater San Antonio area who need it the most.

Launch the school of your dreams

Selected TSDN Fellows participate in a year-long fellowship followed by two years of supportive programming with the goal of helping the Fellow and their school district or charter management organization to launch or redesign a school.




Rigorous school-design training and personalized leadership development




Support and coaching in how to incorporate design principles into a plan for a new school




A network of experts to help you launch your school with your supporting organizations


Get Involved


Together, we can increase the number of high-quality seats in San Antonio schools and empower our most underserved communities.


Two children working in a garden.

Our Vision

Guided by purpose, innovation, and equity

Driving a new era of public education where every child has access to innovative, high-performing schools led by strong leaders.

Every child deserves the opportunity to receive a high-quality education that gives them the skills needed to thrive and excel in a 21st century global economy. Although great strides have been made in Texas public education, a significant number of minority and low-income students continue to struggle with access to an equitable, creative, and dynamic education.

A pathway for rising campus leaders

We believe in growing stronger leaders through a collaborative setting powered by a mutually supportive community of practice.

Now more than ever is the time to bridge opportunity and achievement gaps that persist by establishing a successful pathway for campus leaders to design and develop ground-breaking schools. These revolutionary schools will serve as models of equity, empowerment, and innovation for the communities they serve.

Brian Pennartz with students in hallway
We Believe
  1. All students deserve access to high-performing schools
  2. Equity-focused empowered schools will meet the needs of the students they serve
  3. Campus leaders are the architects of success in schools
  4. Innovative schools are led by innovative people