Cover image of Spring 2023 Trinity Magazine


Here To Ignite

Trinity's 20th President, Dr. Vanessa B. Beasley, shares her lifelong journey to promote student success.

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the front cover of the Summer 2022 Trinity Magazine reads "This is our moment"


This is Our Moment

Our stories belong to a future that we are building together. Take a moment to share in these stories—glimpses of moments in the lives of architects of the Trinity experience.

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the Fall 2021 cover of Trinity Magazine shows a drone photo of construction progress on Dicke Hall

FALL 2021


Setting our sights on what’s next in pursuit of an exceptional and accessible student experience.

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the cover of the Spring 2021 Trinity magazine features the Chapel Doors and the title, Tunnel, Meet Light


Tunnel, Meet Light

Tiger leaders shine beacons of hope on campus, in the community, and across the nation.

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Fall 2020 Trinity Magazine cover shows two masked students elbow-bumping above the words "Common Ground"

FALL 2020

Common Ground

Facing unprecedented circumstances, Tigers find ways to build community in the classroom, on campus, and out in the world.

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Spring 2020 Trinity Magazine cover shows an open book with "The Power of Storytelling"


The Power of Storytelling

In March 2020, the world stopped. But then, it kept turning and turning—turning our individual experiences into shared stories. The Spring 2020 issue of Trinity is a collection of community voices in a COVID-19 world.

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The 2019 Trinity Magazine cover shows a colorized image of the original Techuacana Campus


Anniversary Issue

Experience Trinity's 150 Memories project: Explore, engage, read aloud, and laugh along to 150 of Trinity's most memorable people, places, and times in history.

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The 2018 Fall Trinity Magazine cover shows an illustration of the faces of the entertainers featured in the issue

FALL 2018

Let Us Entertain You

We crafted the Fall 2018 issue to spread a little joy, to work a little magic, and to set off some seriously contagious belly laughs. Let us—and let these award-winning Trinity students, faculty, and alumni—entertain you!

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the Spring 2018 Trinity magazine cover shows a collage of thousands of images that create a Tiger head


The Spirit of Trinity

The Spirit of Trinity. It's not a new concept, yet it continues to be an incredible motivator for how, as Tigers, we serve the world. How do we bottle this spark, this fire, this spirit, to impart it in generations of Trinity students to come? We used this magazine issue to find out.

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the summer 2017 trinity magazine cover shows a rendering of the campus master plan fused with an original 1960s pencil sketch


Trinity's Campus Master Plan

The Summer 2017 issue of Trinity magazine is a tribute to the smell of Texas mountain laurels, red brick against the San Antonio skyline, and the feeling of that trek up Cardiac Hill, as we explore the University's first Campus Master Plan since the Skyline Campus was designed in the early 1950s.

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the winter 2017 trinity magazine cover shows an illustration of three women breaking a glass ceiling


The Entrepreneurship Issue

In the Winter 2017 edition of Trinity magazine, hear from six women who forged trails as entrepreneurs, shattering the glass ceilings above them along the way. Plus, meet alumni and student entrepreneurs using their determination to make our world a better place.

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The Trinity Magazine cover for Summer 2016 features an image from Morocco with the words "Go Abroad"


Go Abroad!

Trinity is a community inspired by international perspectives. By learning within this community and by studying abroad, students forever change their worldviews—and become better leaders, thinkers, and doers because of it. Go abroad with us as we cover the globe, on our campus and beyond.

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cover of the Winter 2016 Trinity magazine says "Food issue" and features a cafeteria tray with typical lunch food


The Food Issue

Trinity students, faculty, staff, and alumni have found unique ways to contribute to America's food culture, from impacting policy and legislation on food in elementary schools, to infusing technology into the winemaking process. Pour yourself a cup of Trinity-blend coffee and curl up with the Winter 2016 issue!

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Cover of Summer 2015 magazine features Danny Anderson and a thought illustration


A University of the Highest Order

With a hard focus on vocations, jobs, and training in many schools across the nation, how will the liberal arts survive? Under the leadership of a new president, Trinity is poised not only to survive, but to thrive—putting into practice the vision of the Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan.

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cover of the Winter 2015 Trinity Magazine features an O'Neil Ford sketch hung in the Neidorff Art Gallery


Education by Design

When O'Neil Ford conceptualized Trinity University as a community, he did so through situating buildings and movement within the space and place of the campus. Rediscovered drawings show old plans for a new Trinity—a Trinity that continues to value productive collisions across all disciplines.

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Looking for more?

 Hard-copy issues prior to Winter 2015 are available to view in Special Collections and Archives at Coates Library.

 Some digital scans of previous issues are available as well. Contact Jeanna Balreira with your request.

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