Help with General Accounting for Departments

Contact: Accounting Manager Tammy Weiblen at for assistance with general departmental accounting questions.

Accounting Corrections/Journal Entries

Occasionally processing errors may occur and corrections are needed. All requests for corrections should be submitted with a clear and complete description and supporting documentation. View policy and procedure and related forms here.

Fixed Asset Management

Ensures that University’s assets are properly acquired, controlled, recorded and disposed of in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. View Equipment Transaction Form.

Income Tax on Awards and Prizes

This policy provides guidance for recognizing Trinity University employees and students through the giving of prizes and awards for academic performance or employee service.

Records Retention

Understand how long records should be retained and how they should be exposed. Records Retention policy.

Sales Tax

As a not-for-profit organization, Trinity University is exempt from limited sales, excise and use, and local sales and use taxes