Sponsored Projects Accounting

Sponsored Projects Accounting provides general and fiscal information for principal investigators and fiscal administrators in the various phases of the grant and contract process.

In addition, Sponsored Projects Accounting assigns and manages sponsored projects accounts and project IDs in the financial system. Information provided by Sponsored Projects Accounting includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sponsor Regulations 
  • Business Office Functions and Responsibilities 
  • Administrative and Fiscal Policies 
  • Proposal Budget Review
  • Matching and Cost Sharing  
  • Allowable and Allocable Costs 
  • Effort Reporting 
  • Budget Revisions 
  • Access and Instructions for Projects Accounting (Self-Service)
  • Continuations, Renewals, and Supplements 
  • Close-out and Audit Procedures


Additional Information on sponsored projects can be found in the following policies:

Overhead Expense Policy

Summer Research  Policy