• As of December 19, 2022, Trinity University consolidated to one corporate card for purchasing and travel. All expense reports/reconciliation are done within Workday Finance.  Travel is still booked through Concur Solutions. 


The Purchasing Card (P-card) program provides a convenient means to make authorized purchases while reducing the costs associated with initiating and paying for these purchases.  The Business Office, Accounts Payable team is responsible for administration and oversight of the program.  The University’s card provider is JP Morgan Chase.

Getting Started: Card Applications

Applications for purchasing and department cards are processed online. 

Purchasing Cards
  • Issued in the name of an individual.
  • Used for all authorized business expenses and travel expenses.

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Department Cards
  • Issued in the name of a department or program.
  • The applicant is the "cardholder of record" who will be responsible for the card but may check it out to university employees/students for authorized use.

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How Do I start the purchasing process?

Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Issues with your P-Card? 

If your P-Card is lost, stolen, compromised, or other issues / general questions, contact cardadmin@trinity.edu.

Authorized Expenses

Cardholders may use the P-Card for authorized business expenses, including travel, merchandise, services, and business entertainment expenses. The P-Card may not be used to purchase items for personal use or for non-University purposes.  Read the P-Card policy in full.

Appropriate Expenses

The Appropriate Expenses policy provides guidance for the appropriateness of expenses made using university funds and includes additional guidance for specific sensitive or reportable expenses.

Appropriate Expenses Policy

Cardholder responsibilities

Standard Monthly Cycle
Step 1

Cardholders, or assistants, will collect receipts and documentation throughout the month and upload/attach to the Workday P-card expense report.

Step 2

Statements should be downloaded from PaymentNet and should be reconciled and attached to the Workday P-card expense report.

Step 3

Upon submission of the Workday expense reports, cost center managers and/or related worktag managers (grant, agency, gift, etc.) will receive an inbox task to review and approve the respective Workday P-card expense report. If errors are found or the expense report is incomplete, send it back to the initiator for corrections.

Step 4

Workday P-card expense reports should be completed and approved by the last business day of the new month.

P-Card Expense Reports

Creating an expense report
Only one P-card reconciliation should be completed per month.

Itemizing Expenses
Only itemize expense items for lodging OR allocating the expense to multiple cost centers or other worktags (grant, agency, gift, etc.)

Monthly Statements
Cardholders, or assistants, may download and print statements from PaymentNet beginning the 1st business day of the new month.

Expense Receipts
Receipts are only required for P-card purchases over $50. If the cardholder has misplaced the receipt, apply the Missing Receipt Affidavit to the Workday expense report line item as support.  

P-Card Quick Reference Guide

The Create an Expense Report (P-card) quick reference guide includes instructions on how to process your Workday expense report.

Create an Expense Report (P-Card)

Booking Travel with Concur

If you are having any issues booking travel in Concur, call the Corporate Travel Planners online Concur help desk, Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm: (877) 727-5188.

Booking Travel
This document walks you step-by-step through the process of booking airfare, hotel, and rental cars in Concur. Before booking travel for the first time, you will need to update your profile (see First Time Login Guide).
View Instructions (.pdf)

First time login
This document will guide you through the necessary steps when accessing your Concur profile for the first time. Included are logging in, reviewing and updating your profile information, adding travel rewards programs, credit cards, assigning travel arrangers, and more.
View Instructions (.pdf)

Fees for Booking Travel
While there is no fee charged to the department for booking travel online through the Concur Travel booking tool, this document details the associated fees should the traveler opt to call the travel agency for full-service booking.
View Instructions (.pdf)

International Travel Requests and Cash Advances
The Create a Spend Authorization quick reference guide includes instructions on how to request International Travel and Cash Advances. 
Create a Spend Authorization 

Access Concur

Concur is a web-based platform that Trinity uses to process travel arrangements and is available to access on desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Questions and contact: cardadmin@trinity.edu

Travel Policy

This policy provides a general framework for business travel to ensure prudent use of University resources. 

Travel Policy