The Purchasing Card (P-card) program provides a convenient means to make authorized purchases while reducing the costs associated with initiating and paying for these purchases.  The Business Office, Accounts Payable team is responsible for administration and oversight of the program.  The University’s card provider is JP Morgan Chase.

Authorized Expenses

Cardholders may use the P-Card for authorized business expenses, including merchandise, services, and business entertainment expenses. The P-Card may not be used to purchase items for personal use or for non-University purposes. Read the P-Card policy in full.

Cardholder responsibilities

Standard Monthly Cycle

Step 1
Cardholders, or assistants, will collect receipts and documentation throughout the month.

Step 2
Statements will be reconciled against the monthly cardholder envelopes.

Step 3
The budget manager or their delegate will approve (sign) reconciled monthly cardholder statements.

Step 4
Approved monthly cardholder statements are due to the card Administrator on the last business day of the new month.

 Helpful Tips 
  • Receipts/documentation are filed in the monthly cardholder statement.
  • Cardholders, or assistants, may download and print statements from PaymentNet beginning the 1st business day of the new month.
  • All transactions are processed in PaymentNet and posted once per week to the General Ledger. 

All PaymentNet account/object code changes must be processed by end of day on the 3rd business day of the new month.

Apply for a P-Card

Applications for p-card, department card, and travel card are processed online.

Before you begin the application:
You will need to identify a default Trinity budget account number for the card. Please contact the Card Administrator if you have any questions.

Apply for a Purchasing Card
  • Issued in the name of an individual.
  • Used for all authorized business expenses.

Apply Now

Apply for a Department Card
  • Issued in the name of a department or program.
  • The applicant is the "cardholder of record" whom will be responsible for the card but may check it out to university employees/students for authorized use.

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How Do I start the purchasing process?

The Purchasing Office collaborates with the campus community to efficiently procure products and services to enhance life on campus.

Popular Purchases:

  • Capital Equipment
  • Furniture Buying

Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Issues with your P-Card?

If your P-Card is lost, stolen, compromised, or other issues / general questions, contact accountspayable@trinity.edu.

P-Card Processing Manual

The p-card processing manual contains everything you need to know about the monthly p-card process and procedures.

P-Card Processing Manual

Appropriate Expenses

The Appropriate Expenses policy provides guidance for the appropriateness of expenses made using university funds and includes additional guidance for specific sensitive or reportable expenses.

Appropriate Expenses Policy