What to Expect

Discovery Phase to Victory Dance

Step 1: Discovery

During the Discovery phase, we will get to the heart of what you’re trying to achieve by asking questions about your project or campaign goals, your audiences, timelines, milestones, and scope of work. By gathering these projects or campaign details up front, we can come away with a shared understanding of what’s needed in the subsequent phase: Planning and Production.


Step 2: Planning and Production

In this phase, there are several milestones to ensure that we continue to move in the same direction, and seek approval at each major juncture. During this phase, you will see one or more drafts of strategic plans, creative concepts, and content strategy. We will review and discuss these together until they are approved, then we will move into full production, bringing to life the various tactics and strategies that were agreed upon. Here you will see designs built out, messaging crafted, and any further development that is required. Once these are approved, we are ready for Implementation.


Step 3: Implementation

It’s time to “go live.” During the Implementation phase, you will see your project come to life— whether that is having a postcard drop in the mail, a web page published, a campaign rolled out, or an event that fills the seats in the auditorium. With implementation comes measurement and optimization to ensure that we are trending toward and reaching the goals outlined in Discovery. 


Step 4: Measure and Optimize

This is a crucial phase in the process that happens during Implementation as well as at the closing debrief of a project. We will communicate with you throughout Implementation and at the completion of a project to review performance and adjust as needed either during the project or campaign.

Request A Project

Reach out to Office leadership or a Project Manager for questions, project ideas, and feedback.

You can also email:

    web-request@trinity.edu for web questions or updates 

   pr@trinity.edu for public relations / media inquiries 

  marketing@trinity.edu for project, branding approvals, photo requests, or any questions for SCM

  tigernetwork@trinity.edu for Tiger Network questions, requests, and feedback