Forces in Motion

The University’s brand guidelines both set us apart and unify us as One Trinity.

The Trinity brand is more than just the Tower or the Tiger: Our brand is our guide to telling Trinity’s story and making connections across our community and our world. Consistent use of our brand and its guidelines amplifies our national profile. 

Unified Message

Our voice is rooted by enduring excellence, intentional inclusion and perpetual discovery.

  • Brand Statement
  • The Trinity Brand Promise
  • The Trinity Story

Brand Statement

Trinity University transforms obstacles into opportunities. Resilient, creative, and enterprising, we see new challenges as chances to build on our legacy of innovation. Through a commitment to redefining the liberal arts, our heading is fixed on a brighter future. Together, we are a force in motion.

Want to talk about Trinity, but not quite sure what to write or say?

Use our 50-, 100-, and 150-word messaging statements as a guide (or learn them for your next ride down an elevator).

Murchison tower with the San Antonio Skyline in the background

The Trinity Brand Promise

Trinity University prioritizes personal attention and cares about the needs of each individual within a supportive campus community.

Video: We are Strong

Trinity students in San Antonio downtown riverwalk

The Trinity Story

Trinity is known for its experiential education, offering hands-on learning through undergraduate research, internships, entrepreneurial pursuits, international engagement, and more.

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Unwavering TigerPride

The Trinity experience is a powerful one, and we cherish our journeys as Tigers at Heart.

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  • Become a Brand Ambassador
  • Student Profile and Our Campus

Become a Brand Ambassador

Rankings and Value

Trinity's academic and co-curricular environment is consistently ranked among the best in the nation by respected guidebooks and rankings.

Student Profile

Trinity's student profile lifts up Tigers of all stripes, showing both a breadth and depth of student diversity and achievement

Get to know our Tigers

If you've ever wondered how alumnifacultystudents, and staff impact the world around us, look no further. Our Tigers are bold, innovative, lifelong learners who are engaged with the world.

Explore our Campus

Take our virtual campus tour, and discover some of our students' favorite spots to study, research, train, and hang out.

Trinity Swag

It's ok, brag a little! Tell the world that you’re proud to be a Tiger with downloadable logos, branded social media elements, even ringtones for your mobile devices—plus guidelines to help you use them.

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Uniform Design

Trinity University waves the maroon and white—our colors inform and transform our print and digital designs.

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Fonts

Visual Identity

University Logo

The Trinity University logo is the keystone of our visual identity and is used on all marketing and communications materials. Using it consistently will enhance Trinity’s national profile.

The Trinity logo is made up of two elements:

The Icon

An illustrated rendering of Murchison Tower

The Nameplate

Reading “Trinity University”

Download the Trinity Logo
Request or download the logo from

Spirit Logo

The Trinity University Spirit Logo has been designed to reflect a fierce, competitive attitude and spirit across campus. In addition to use in athletics settings, it can also be used for applications where school spirit is promoted.

Download the Spirit Logo
Request or download the logo from

The Icon and University Seal

The Icon

Contact Strategic Communications and Marketing at for guidelines on the usage of the tower icon in special situations.

University Seal

Use of the Trinity University seal is limited to official administration offices such as the Office of the President and other Trinity Board-sponsored applications. Contact Strategic Communications and Marketing at for guidelines on the usage of the University seal.


One of the most important Trinity University branding elements is our color palette.

Download Color Swatches

Primary Colors

Trinity’s primary color is maroon, matching Pantone® 7623. It is complemented by white. Using the primary palette, Trinity invokes a sense of pride and tradition, even referenced by our Alma Mater: “Your banner bright, maroon and white, we hold in high esteem.”

Tertiary Colors

Trinity’s tertiary colors include green, blue, purple, and gold. Tertiary colors and their shades or hues should not be used without also using a secondary color and the primary maroon.

Trinity Brand Tertiary colors

Secondary Colors

Trinity’s secondary colors include a dark gray, a light gray, and a beige. Secondary colors should not be used without also using the primary maroon.

Shades and Tints

Shades (made by adding black) and tints (made by adding white) can be used to complement colors in Trinity's color palette. Shades and tints should never be substituted for primary, secondary, or tertiary colors, but can be used alongside these colors for added depth and brand consistency.

Trinity brand shades and tints

Typography / Fonts

The below font families were carefully chosen to reflect the University’s brand identity.

Hit Me with Your Best Font

Trinity's brand fonts are available for installation by contacting the ITS at