About the Council

Greek Council's purpose is to govern, promote, and advance the 17 fraternities and sororities that make up Fraternity and Sorority Life at Trinity University.

Greek Council Executive Board Members


 Fraternity Co-Chair: Collin Adams (Lancer)

 Sorority Co-Chair: Kat Heras (SPURS)

 Fraternity Recruitment and Orientation Co-Chair: Santiago Bohlmann (Teers)

 Sorority Recruitment and Orientation Co-Chair: Rosie Barcus-Schafer (Gamma)

 Fraternity Risk Management and Judicial Co-Chair: Derian Mowen (O-Phi)

 Sorority Risk Management and Judicial Co-Chair: Emma Ruchhoeft (Gamma)

 Fraternity Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair: Noor Jahlul (Kappa)

 Sorority Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair: Rafaela Martinez (SPURS)

 Communication Chair: Maya Sakrani (AXL)

 Treasurer: Demetris Papaloucas (Delt)

 Service Chair: John Nolan (Delt)

 Standards Chair: Rachel Garlington (Sigma)

Internal Structure and Initiatives


Executive Board

The Greek Council includes an Executive Board whose duties include:

  • Meeting weekly with the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Leading weekly Greek Council meetings
  • Holding office hours
  • Fostering communication between Fraternity and Sorority Life members and the student body at-large
  • Working on projects to better the Fraternity and Sorority Life community

The Executive Board also supports each fraternity and sorority as it endeavors to fulfill its commitment to Fraternity and Sorority Life’s Standards of Excellence.


Judicial Committee

The Greek Council is responsible for overseeing the Fraternity and Sorority Judicial Committee. 




In recent years, Greek Council Exec has worked on the following initiatives:

  • Dues Waivers for Pell Grant Eligible students
  • Greek Olympics and Greek Unity Tailgate
  • DEI Curriculum for Chapter Meetings
  • FSL Anti-Harassment Policy
  • FSL Retaliation Policy
  • Increased emphasis on DEI and risk management workshops, speakers, and discussions for older actives and new members
  • Days of Service
  • FSL Red Zone