Get to Know Trinity's Fraternities and Sororities

Trinity University’s seven fraternities and ten sororities promote excellence in academics, service, networking, organization development, and alumni relations.

Scroll through to find out more about each group and get connected with the ones that speak to you.

Photo of students celebrating at a Greek Olympics event


Bengal Lancers logo crest

Bengal Lancers

Founding Year: 1936
Nickname: Lancers
Philanthropy: Pat Tillman Foundation
Colors: Red and White
President: Alex Thiel
Members: 16

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Chi Delta Tau logo crest

Chi Delta Tau

Founding Year: 1964
Nickname: Delts
Philanthropy: Tigerthon
Colors: Gold, Brown, and White
President: Carlos Miranda
Members: 44

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Iota Chi Rho logo

Iota Chi Rho

Founding Year: 1992
Nickname: I-Chi
Philanthropy: RAICES
Colors: Hunter Green and Silver
President: Alex Inskeep
Members: 24

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Kappa Kappa Delta logo crest

Kappa Kappa Delta

Founding Year: 1987
Nickname: Kappas
Philanthropy: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
Colors: Royal Blue, Grey, and White
President: Lucas Munoz
Members: 31

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Omega Phi logo crest

Omega Phi

Founding Year: 1979
Nickname: O-Phi
Philanthropy: Martha Estrella Foundation
Colors: Crimson and Gold
President: Chase Moye
Members: 51

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Phi Sigma Chi logo crest

Phi Sigma Chi

Founding Year: 1996
Nickname: Phi Sigs
Philanthropy: Operation Homefront
Colors: Black and Silver
President: Brayden Espinosa
Members: 31

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Triniteers Teers logo crest


Founding Year: 1945
Nickname: Teers
Colors: Red, Gold, Blue
President: Jack Danklef
Members: 35

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Spring 2022 University-Set Standards Rankings:
  • Iota Chi Rho: 370/500
  • Omega Phi: 340/500
  • Phi Sigma Chi: 325/500
  • Bengal Lancers: 320/500
  • Chi Delta Tau: 300/500
  • Triniteers: 280/500
  • Kappa Kappa Delta: 250/500
Fraternity Cumulative GPA Rankings:
  • Omega Phi: 3.45
  • Kappa Kappa Delta: 3.44
  • Iota Chi Rho: 3.38
  • Chi Delta Tau: 3.27
  • Triniteers: 3.24
  • Bengal Lancers: 3.18 
  • Phi Sigma Chi: 3.18


alpha chi lambda logo crest

Alpha Chi Lambda

Founding Year: 1998
Nickname: Alpha Chi
Philanthropy: RAICES
Motto: Esse Quam Videri (To be Rather than to Seem)
Colors: Purple and Black
Symbol: Sunflower
President: Lauren Hurley
Members: 76

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Chi Beta Epsilon logo crest

Chi Beta Epsilon

Founding Year: 1952
Nickname: Betas
Philanthropy: San Antonio Rape Crisis Center
Motto: The Joy of Life is Knowledge
Colors: Maroon and White
President: Camille Heidelbaugh
Members: 36

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Gamma Chi Delta logo

Gamma Chi Delta

Founding Year: 1961
Nickname: Gammas
Philanthropy: Camp CAMP
Motto: In Unity, Individuality
Colors: Green and White
Symbol: Daisy
President: Marisa Amarino
Members: 90

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Phi Delta Kappa logo crest

Phi Delta Kappa

Founding Year: 2005
Nickname: Phi Delts
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House
Motto: Terra Firma (On Solid Ground)
Colors: Pink, Black, and Silver
Symbols: Butterfly, Crown, Pink Rose
President: Emily Forster
Members: 9

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Sigma Theata Tau logo crest

Sigma Theta Tau

Founding Year: 1955
Nickname: Sigmas
Philanthropy: Respite Care of San Antonio
Motto: Fortius quo fidelius
Colors: Blue, Silver, and White
Symbols: Star and White Rose
President: Malorie Coleman
Members: 57

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SPURS Sorority logo

Spurs Sorority

Founding Year: 1932
Nickname: SPURS
Philanthropy: Family Violence Prevention Services and SA Sports
Motto: Love and respect for the individual creates a bond of sisterhood through which each can only grow
Colors: Blue and Yellow
Symbols: Yellow Rose and Spur
President: Molly Sheridan
Members: 95

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Zeta Chi logo crest

Zeta Chi

Founding Year: 1981
Nickname: Zeta Chi
Philanthropy: San Antonio Aids Foundation
Motto: Individual, United, Active
Colors: Red and White
Symbols: Fleur-de-lis and Purple Iris
President: Alyssa Cole & Ashleigh Gonzalez
Members: 31

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Spring 2022 University-Set Standards Rankings:
  • Gamma Chi Delta: 490/500
  • SPURS: 470/500
  • Alpha Chi Lambda: 400/500
  • Chi Beta Epsilon: 380/500
  • Zeta Chi: 380/500
  • Sigma Theta Tau: 290/500
  • Phi Delta Kappa: 260/500
Sorority Cumulative GPA Rankings:
  • Sigma Theta Tau: 3.56
  • Alpha Chi Lambda: 3.55
  • Phi Delta Kappa: 3.52
  • SPURS: 3.44
  • Gamma Chi Delta: 3.42
  • Chi Beta Epsilon: 3.41
  • Zeta Chi: 3.32

NPHC Citywide Chapters

We also partner with citywide National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations, known as The Divine Nine. The National Pan-Hellenic Council is an umbrella council composed of historically Black fraternities and sororities.

Citywide NPHC chapters are identified as regional chapters made up of two or more participating colleges and/or universities. Currently, we partner with three of the nine NPHC organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

Charter Year: Delta Rho Citywide Chapter Chartered in 1961
Nickname: AKA's
Colors: Apple Green and Salmon Pink
National Website:
More information about the San Antonio Citywide Chapters can be found at:       

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated logo

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated

Charter Year: Zeta Upsilon Citywide Chapter Chartered in 1969
Nickname: Deltas
Colors: Crimson and Cream
National Website:
More information can be found at:    

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated logo

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

Charter Year: Delta Citywide Chapter Chartered in 1956
Nickname: Zetas
Colors: Royal Blue and Pure White
National Website:
More information about the San Antonio Citywide Chapters can be found at:    

Fraternity and Sorority Advisers

Trinity's fraternities and sororities are self-governed, though each organization selects alumni advisers and most choose a faculty or staff adviser with whom it collaborates throughout the year.

The faculty, staff, and alumni advisers who step up to help guide, mentor, and assist the fraternities and sororities are an asset to the community. Each is committed to working with students, fellow alumni, and representatives of the University.

Adviser Resources

Advisers can access resources and become familiar with relevant campus procedures and policies via the Fraternity and Sorority Life Alumni Adviser Resource Manual (PDF).

Fraternity Advisers

Bengal Lancers
Faculty Adviser: Alex Gallin-Parisi
Alumni Advisers: John Mace, Joel Holmes, and Paul Hensley

Chi Delta Tau
Faculty Adviser: Dante Suarez
Alumni Advisers: Drew Mallender and John Kain​​

Iota Chi Rho
Faculty Adviser: David Rando
Alumni Advisers: RC Pate and Graham Bates​​​​

Kappa Kappa Delta
Faculty Adviser: position currently open
Alumni Advisers: Cesar Giralt, Bobby Majumder​​​​, and Derick Rodgers,

Omega Phi
Faculty Adviser: Katsuo Nishikawa
Alumni Advisers: Andrew Cable and Daniel Dahlinger​​​​

Phi Sigma Chi
Faculty Adviser: position currently open
Alumni Adviser: Steve Falk, Josh Loden, and Kyle Stevens

Faculty Adviser: position currently open
Alumni Advisers: Stathis Kafoglis and Tim Crimmins​​​​

Sorority Advisers

Alpha Chi Lambda
Faculty Adviser: Jennifer Henderson
Alumni Advisers: Kimberly Shepard and Hailey Howard

Chi Beta Epsilon
Faculty Adviser: Mario Gonzalez-Fuentes
Alumni Advisers: Jill Grace, Dana Adams, and Kendall Hayes

Gamma Chi Delta
Faculty Adviser: Camille Reyes
Alumni Advisers: Courtney Crim, Nancy Gunnin, Mary Hayden Manning, Landry Stafford, and Suzie Gray Peterson

Phi Delta Kappa
Faculty Advisers: Kimberlyn Montford and Janie Childers
Alumni Advisers: Amy Carr and Chandler Grace

Sigma Theta Tau
Faculty Advisers: Rich Butler and Paul Myers
Alumni Advisers: Amy McGee, Jennelle Edwards Berger, Allison Stock, and Susan Scheuer

Faculty Advisers: Paul McGinlay and Jacob Tingle
Alumni Advisers: Angie Cox and Jennie Hance Leon

Zeta Chi
Faculty Adviser: Betsy Tontiplaphol
Alumni Advisers: Laura Kalb and Amy Chambers