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To help you acclimate to University academics before you leap into Greek Life, Trinity University has a special, deferred recruitment and new member orientation period.

Recruitment Process Overview


Step 1

Put your name on the Recruitment List to participate in recruitment events and find your perfect fit.


Step 2

Celebrate Bid Day around Miller Fountain, where you officially become a member of your fraternity or sorority.


Step 3

Go through New Member Orientation to learn more about your new org and bond with your New Active Class and other members in your organization.

 For specific dates along the recruitment and orientation process, please consult the Recruitment Calendar.

New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation is the period of time between accepting a bid to join a fraternity or sorority and being completely initiated into the organization.

There is approximately a three-week maximum on all orientation programs and a nine-hour hands-off period during the school week.

A successful New Member Orientation program:

  • Educates members about the history and values of the organization
  • Fosters academic achievement
  • Entails educational and developmental workshops
  • Provides opportunities to socialize with other students in the group
  • Promotes positive experiences that are free from hazing
Dozens of Fraternity and Sorority members gather in Miller Fountain during a sunny Bid Day


Hazing and Safety Policies

Trinity’s entire Fraternity and Sorority Life community is committed to creating safe spaces for its members to forge lifelong friendships, make memories, and grow as individuals.


    To help ensure student and community safety, Trinity University does not tolerate hazing or any violations of University or Greek Council policies. Any chapter suspected of hazing will be investigated and may face judicial action by the Student Conduct Panel.

Hazing and Safety Contacts

If you see somebody being hazed or if you are being hazed, please reach out to:

Additionally, each organization has faculty and alumni advisers that you can reach out to if you have questions or concerns.


To get started with the fraternity or sorority recruitment process, sign up for the recruitment lists.

Afterwards, you will receive email updates from both the Greek Council and individual fraternities or sororities regarding upcoming events and programs.

Fraternity Recruitment List

Sorority Recruitment List

Questions about Recruitment or Orientation?

General Questions

For questions, please reach out to Cleighton Schedule,  Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life, at 210-999-8204 or