Award recipients stand with President Beasley at the 2023 Student Leadership and Service Awards ceremony.
Trinity Bestows Student Leadership and Service Awards
University awards 37 students for their involvement on and off campus

On Friday, March 24, Trinity University celebrated the strength and character of 37 students through its annual Student Leadership and Service Awards ceremony. This ceremony recognizes the service and community-oriented mindsets of exceptional Trinity students. In collaboration with Alumni Relations and Development, the Division of Student Life presented eight awards, each focusing on different facets of service, leadership, and community. 

“The Student Leadership and Service Awards is a celebration of leadership,” says Jamie Thompson ’05, Ed.D., associate dean of students. “While the process of leadership is what counts, recognizing the good work that is happening and taking time to appreciate and value the successes of our students is an important piece of the leadership continuum. Max DePree once stated: ‘The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you.’ This is our thank you to our student leaders!”

The Roman M. Lubetzky Endowment Fund for KINDness seeks to encourage the attributes of kindness and noble behavior among Trinity students. Daniel Lubetzky, vice president of the Roman and Sonia Lubetzky Foundation, is a 1990 Trinity graduate. Building on his international upbringing and his Trinity experiences, including studying abroad in Israel, Lubetzky founded PeaceWorks in 1994. PeaceWorks is an international food company creating products that incorporate ingredients from nations on opposing sides of political conflicts. As the most prestigious of the Student Leadership commendations, this award recognizes a student who embodies the virtues of kindness and scholarship and comes with a significant gift to support the recipient’s financial aid.


William Blaine Martin ’25

Midland, Texas


This award is given to senior students in recognition of their long-term commitment and extensive, multi-role involvement in the community. These students have enhanced campus life by acting as role models and creating opportunities for others to lead. They are also dedicated to collaboration and partnerships, innovative practices, and intentional inclusion.


Marisa Amarino ’23

Calabasas, California




Michael Antonelli ’23 

Houston, Texas




Shelby Atherton ’23 

San Antonio, Texas




Taylor Black ’23 

Dallas, Texas




Brette Thornton ’23 

Rockwall, Texas


The Board of Visitors and the Alumni Association, in partnership with Alumni Relations and Development, recognizes one to four seniors each year for outstanding service to the University. Honorees promote a dedication to serving their communities (on-campus and beyond) through their time, talents, and philanthropic efforts as students—an early indication of their lifelong commitment to serving and supporting other Tigers. Honorees also receive a $1,000 stipend courtesy of the award sponsors.


Helen Liang ’23 

Sugar Land, Texas




Sydney Rhodes ’23 

Fort Worth, Texas




Moraima Rodriguez ’23 

San Antonio, Texas




Molly Sheridan ’23 

St. Louis, Missouri

This award recognizes students who have made substantive contributions to their communities through long-term service and depth of involvement. 


Kathryn Anne Knight ’23 

Bedford, Texas




Lynzie Kutsner ’23 

Colorado Springs, Colorado




Kira Lowell ’23 

Denver, Colorado




Caroline Strong ’23 

Houston, Texas


This award is presented by the Alumni Association in partnership with Alumni Relations and Development to juniors who are committed to being stewards of Trinity University through leadership and engagement on and off campus. These students are dedicated to paying it forward to those students who come after them.


Donya Ahmadi ’23 

Sugar Land, Texas




Chloe Castro ’24 

Houston, TX




Aliya Jackson ’24 

Pearland, Texas




Danny Nguyen ’24 

San Antonio, Texas



Trinity University logo


Emma Ruchhoeft ’24 

Houston, Texas


This award recognizes students who have demonstrated loyalty and unselfish devotion to their communities through significant, yet uncelebrated contributions. These students have gone above and beyond the call of duty and work “behind the scenes” to create change. Thurman Adkins served as an administrator in the Division of Student Affairs, retiring in 1999 with a collective appreciation for his personal integrity, fair-minded leadership, and calm demeanor.


Alejandra Caballero-Pinedo ’24 

Dallas, Texas




Ángel S. Gamarra ’25 

Itauguá, Paraguay




Kimberly Granados ’24 

Springdale, Arkansas




Chloe Scroggins ’23 

Sugar Land, Texas




Jesus Veloz Santillan ’24 

Dallas, Texas

This award recognizes a first-year, sophomore, or transfer student who has demonstrated significant potential for success through community involvement and exploration of the unfamiliar.


Madeline Baker ’25  

Georgetown, Texas




Hamzah Khuram ’25

Bangalore, India




Dario Leal ’25  

Mission, Texas




Danna Ramirez Jimenez ’26  

Pharr, Texas




Elliot Schein ’25 

Houston, Texas




Anusha Sharma ’25  

Austin, Texas


This award recognizes students who have actively broken down barriers and constructed a socially just space in their community. These students are dedicated to advancing the University's core mission of intentional inclusion as well as open dialogue. They are actively engaged in cultivating diversity, equity, and social justice within the community.


Alice Dang ’24 

The Woodlands, Texas




Lauren Dotson ’24

 Houston, Texas




Adam Garza ’24 

San Antonio, Texas




Araceli Gonzalez ’23 

Houston, Texas




Adrian Herrera ’24 

Houston, Texas




Noor Jahlul ’24 

Houston, Texas




Ashwini Vivek ’24 

Euless, Texas


Trinity University recognizes faculty and staff who go above and beyond to “serve, support, and challenge” students. Recipients authentically engage in the lives of students and holistically contribute to their success.

Elseke Membreño-Zenteno


Elseke Membreño-Zenteno

Program Associate for the Center for International Engagement



Faculty Headshot: Alexandria Gallin-Parisi


Alexandra Gallin-Parisi

Faculty Librarian II and Associate Professor Instruction/Liaison


Trinity University students are often recipients of superb service at local businesses. This award honors a local business or organization for its outreach and excellent service to Trinity students.

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MOVE Texas


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