As the Trinity University Alumni Association's advisory body, the Alumni Association Board seeks to increase alumni interaction and support to strengthen the relevance and voice of Trinity's alumni as a primary constituency in the University Community.

As a board, TUAAB is committed to demonstrating—by personal example and individual contribution—the value and importance of our relationship with Trinity University.


TUAAB Officers

Executive Committee

  • President: Michelle Lippman Collette '06
  • Vice President/President-Elect: Nadia Islam '12
  • Secretary: Jill Garrison Grace '85
  • Immediate Past President: James Sanders '98

Committee Chairs

  • Alumni to Alumni Committee: Michael Barrett '00
  • Alumni to Students Committee: Meggan Partain '97
  • Alumni to University Committee: Matthew Pepping '05
  • Governance Committee: Nadia Islam '12

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  1. Build Alumni Relationships with Trinity

    Establish the framework for cultivating a lifelong relationship between current and future alumni and Trinity University from student recruitment forward, helping all understand what it means to be alumni.

  2. Increase Alumni Visibility

    Increase the visibility of alumni as a unique and important constituency within the University community by representing alumni interests in a broad range of University matters.

  3. Strengthen Alumni Participation

    Strengthen consistent alumni participation in ways such as in University and chapter events, ongoing financial support of the University and recruitment of new students through improved communications about the benefits and opportunities for services and support.


  4. Promote Trinity

    Promote Trinity University in our local communities to enhance national visibility and reputation consistent with Trinity's excellent quality.

  5. Support Alumni Leadership

    Identify and foster alumni leadership in support of the University through local chapter boards, the Alumni Association Board, and ultimately, the Board of Trustees.

  6. Enrich Lives of Alumni

    Enrich the lives of alumni by providing meaningful programming, benefits, and services.


collage of Alumni Association board_Feb2022

Board Structure and Function

The Alumni Association Board is composed of six evenly divided classes of 36 elected members who serve two, three year terms. Elections are held in the fall of each year to re-elect one class of six directors, and elect a new class of six directors. All alumni of Trinity are eligible for service, and may also nominate any other alumnus/ae for consideration for board membership. All nominations are considered by the Membership Committee of the Board, which prepares a slate for the Fall election each year. In addition to the elected members, there are also ex officio members who represent various University constituencies, as well as the Association's local Chapters.

The Board is divided into four Regular Standing Committees: Alumni to Alumni, Alumni to Students, Alumni to University, and Governance. The Board also has several Special Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, including the Nomination of Officers Committee (odd years), the Bylaws Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Membership Committee, the Alumni Awards Committee, the Student Service Awards Committee, and the Alumni Benefits Committee (ad hoc). The Board meets three times a year in San Antonio, and committees also conduct work between meetings as needed.

The President of the Alumni Association serves as Chair of the Alumni Association Board, as well as serving as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees of Trinity University. The Vice President of the Association also serves as President-elect of the Association, and Vice Chair of the Alumni Association Board. All Officers of the Association are elected by the Board for one, two year term of office.

For more information on nominating candidates for board membership, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@trinity.edu.

The business of the Board and the Association is governed by the Bylaws of the Trinity University Alumni Association.