Celebrating Excellence

The University honors our outstanding faculty colleagues by selecting recipients for the following awards.


Trinity University Award for Distinguished Scholarship, Research, or Creative Work or Activity

One $2,000 award for outstanding scholarship, research, or creative work or activity. Distinguished or Endowed Professors are not eligible for this award.

Criteria for selection includes the quantity of the nominee’s scholarly or creative work; the quality of the venues in which that work has appeared; and the impact of that work on the field or discipline.


Academic Department

Academic Year Awarded

Maria Pia Paganelli Economics 2020-21
Peter O'Brien Political Science 2019-20
Adam Urbach Chemistry 2018-19
Kimberley Phillips Psychology 2017-18
Carlos Ardavin Modern Languages & Literatures 2016-17
Bert Chandler Chemistry 2015-16
Mackenzie Brown Religion 2014-15
Matt Stroud Modern Languages & Literatures 2013-14
Peter Olofsson Mathematics 2012-13
Steve Luper Philosophy 2011-12
Elaydi Saber Mathematics 2010-11
David Heller Music 2009-10
Meredith McGuire Sociology & Anthropology 2008-09
David Lesch History 2007-08
Nancy Mills Chemistry 2006-07
Steven Gilliam Drama 2005-06
Paula Hertel Psychology 2004-05


Trinity University Award for Distinguished University, Community, and Professional Service

One $2,000 award to a tenured faculty or contract staff member for outstanding service.

Criteria for selection includes the significance of the nominee’s service to the University, the community, and the profession.


Academic Department

Academic Year Awarded

Amy Stone Sociology and Anthropology 2020-21
Ruben Dupertuis Religion 2019-20
Rita Urquijo-Ruiz Modern Languages & Literatures 2018-19
Diane Saphire Mathematics & Institutional Research 2017-18
Rob Huesca Communication 2016-17
David Ribble Biology 2015-16
Christine Drennon Sociology & Anthropology 2014-15
Diane Smith Geosciences 2013-14
Ana Windham Fiscal Affairs 2012-13
Barbara MacAlpine Library 2011-12
Siavoshi Sussan Political Science 2010-11
Curtis Brown Philosophy 2009-10
Sarah Burke Modern Languages & Literatures 2008-09
Richard Reams Counseling Services 2007-08
Don VanEynde Business Administration 2006-07
Bill Christ Communication 2005-06
Richard Butler Economics 2004-05
Sheryl Tynes Sociology & Anthropology 2003-04


Trinity University Award for Distinguished Advising

One $2,000 award for outstanding advising. Criteria for selection includes the quality of advising performed by the nominee.


Academic Department

Academic Year Awarded

Dania Abreu-Torres Modern Languages and Literatures 2020-21
Tim O'Sullivan Classical Studies 2019-20
Rocio Delgado Education 2018-19
Jennifer Henderson Communication 2017-18
Andrew Hansen Human Communication & Theatre 2016-17
Diana Glawe Engineering Science 2015-16
Kate Ritson Art & Art History 2014-15
John Hermann Political Science 2013-14
Linda Salvucci History 2012-13
Paul Myers Computer Science 2011-12
Diane Persellin Music 2010-11
Richard Burr Business Administration 2009-10
Mary An Tetreault Political Science 2008-09
Richard Butler Economics 2007-08
Farzan Aminian Engineering Science 2006-07
Kim Robertson Business Administration 2005-06
Sammye Johnson Communication 2004-05
Stacey Connelly Human Communication & Theatre 2003-04
Angela Breidenstein Education 2002-03
Jim Shinkle Biology 2001-02


Trinity University Early Career Faculty Awards for Distinguished Teaching and Research

Two $2,000 awards to early career faculty for outstanding teaching and research.

Criteria for selection include the nominee’s commitment to innovative or student-centered pedagogy; the contribution made by the nominee’s teaching to the Pathways curriculum, the strategic plan, or other University priorities; and the nominee’s commitment to student success.


Academic Department

Academic Year Awarded

Christina Cooley
Lauren Turek

Sara Beth Kaufman
Andrew Kraebel
Sociology and Anthropology
Rosa Aloisi Political Science 2018-19
Jason Johnson History 2018-19
Erin Sumner Human Communication & Theatre 2017-18
Nirav Mehta Physics & Astronomy 2017-18
Alfred Montoya Sociology & Anthropology 2016-17
Keesha Middlemass Political Science 2016-17
Josh Schwartz Engineering Science 2015-16
Anne Graf Library 2015-16
Michele Johnson Biology 2014-15
Nicole Marafioti History 2014-15
Kyle Gillette Human Communication & Theatre 2013-14
Maria Paganelli Economics 2013-14
Ben Surpless Geosciences 2012-13
Patrick Keating Communication 2012-13
Cabral Balreira Mathematics 2011-12
Amy Stone Sociology & Anthropology 2011-12
Andrew Kania Philosophy 2010-11
Betsy Tontiplaphol English 2010-11
Andrew Porter English 2010-11
Nicolle Hirschfeld Classical Studies 2009-10
Tim O’Sullivan Classical Studies 2008-09
Kathleen Surpless Geosciences 2008-09
Dennis Ugolini Physics & Astronomy 2007-08
Yu Zhang Computer Science 2007-08
Aaron Delwiche Communication 2006-07
Adam Urbach Chemistry 2006-07
Christine Drennon Sociology & Anthropology 2005-06
Mark Lewis Computer Science 2005-06
Thomas Jenkins Classical Studies 2004-05
Wen Xing Modern Languages & Literatures 2004-05
Jennifer Henderson Communication 2003-04


Dr. and Mrs. Z. T. Scott Faculty Fellowship

Each year, Trinity University honors one Trinity faculty member with the Dr. and Mrs. Z. T. Scott Faculty Fellowship for excellence in teaching and advising. The fellowship consists of a cash award and an additional stipend to be used by the recipient to enhance his or her professional development as a teacher and advisor. The recipient is announced and recognized at the Faculty Assembly and the Spring Commencement ceremonies in May.

All nominees must be currently tenured at Trinity University. Nominating letters should address the nominee’s qualifications for this award – for instance, sustained effectiveness as a teacher and advisor, high expectations for student performance, involvement with the University community outside the classroom, and the ability to integrate teaching and scholarly interests.


Academic Department

Academic Year Awarded

Carey Latimore History 2020-21
Ben Surpless Geosciences 2019-20
Jennifer Mathews Sociology & Anthropology 2018-19
Claudia Stokes English 2017-18
Diane Persellin Music 2016-17
Heather Sullivan Modern Languages & Literatures 2015-16
Amer Kaissi Health Care Administration 2014-15
David Crockett Political Science 2013-14
Jim Shinkle EBiology 2012-13
Carolyn Becker Psychology 2011-12
Don VanEynde Business Administration 2010-11
Carolyn True Music 2009-10
Mike Kearl Sociology & Anthropology 2008-09
David Ribble Biology 2007-08
John Huston Economics 2006-07
Richard Burr Business Administration 2005-06
Sammye Johnson Communication 2004-05
Petrea Sandlin Business Administration 2003-04
Jorge Gonzalez Economics 2002-03
Brooks Hill Human Communication & Theatre 2001-02
Richard Butler Economics 2000-01
Gerald Pitts Communication 1999-00
Matt Stroud Modern Languages & Literatures 1998-99
Mackenzie Brown Religion 1997-98
Char Miller History 1996-97
Larry Kimmel Philosophy 1995-96
Doug Brackendridge Religion 1994-95
Mahbub Uddin Engineering Science 1993-94
Vicki Aarons English 1992-93
Nancy Mills Chemistry 1991-92
Bob Blystone Biology 1990-91
Andy Mihalso Music 1989-90
Bill Bristow Art & Art History 1988-89
John Moore Education 1987-88
Don Everett History 1986-87
Francis Swinny Human Communication & Theatre 1985-86


“Best of the Best” Salary Supplement

Ten $10,000 awards for exceptional contributions to the Trinity’s core institutional mission--teaching, scholarship or creative work, and service. This special recognition is reserved for individuals who, based on evidence in their Summary of Professional Activity and Department Chair Evaluation, vastly exceeded the high standards expected by their department and the University.

Due to the generosity of an anonymous external donor, from 2019 to 2021, Trinity will annually recognize ten recipients with a one-time, non-base building $10,000 salary supplement. Eligible recipients were full-time, tenured members of the faculty holding the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. Distinguished or endowed professors were ineligible for consideration.


Trinity Tomorrow Awards

Five $1,000 awards for making significant contributions to the educational mission of Trinity in at least one of the following areas: international education, experiential learning, career planning and preparation, inclusive pedagogy, the First-Year Experience program, recruitment of prospective students, and outreach to alumni.

Faculty members of all ranks and categories, including part-time and other contingent faculty members, are eligible for these awards.

Recipients are chosen collaboratively by directors from the Center for International Engagement, the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, the Collaborative for Learning and Teaching, the First-Year Experience program, the Diversity and Inclusion Office, Alumni Relations, the Student Success Center, and Admissions.


Murchison Term Professorships

Three awards for exceptional achievement in teaching, research or creative activity, and service. Each three-year professorship is accompanied by a reward of $20,000 annually, in the form of a salary supplement, a research stipend, or a combination of the two.

To be eligible, an applicant must have been a full-time faculty member at Trinity for 10 years and a full professor for 5 years at the time of application. Holders of endowed professorships are not eligible.


Piper Professorship

The Piper Professorship is awarded annually by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation of Texas. The purpose of the award is to recognize college professors for their achievements in teaching, advising, and service in higher education. Approximately 100 individuals from across the state are nominated each year, and fifteen persons are named Piper Professors for that year.

Trinity University may nominate one faculty member for consideration. In addition to the distinction of being named Piper Professors, the selected professors are presented a cash award of $5,000 each and other tokens of recognition. The Piper Professor Committee at Trinity is charged with seeking nominations from faculty members, students, and alumni.