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    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requiring all students to call ahead for a screening. Please do not present at Health Services without calling ahead. If symptoms could be COVID-19, you will be asked to schedule a COVID-19 test and wait for a negative result before coming to Health Services for an in-person appointment.

    Virtual physician appointments are available for students residing in Texas.

Treatment at Health Services does not require insurance, and services are available to all students regardless of insurance coverage. However, health insurance is required by the University and ensures that students can access health care off-campus, consult with a specialist, and have adequate coverage for emergency treatment or hospitalization.

Students are encouraged to carry their health insurance card at all times.


Insurance Requirement

Trinity University requires all students enrolled in nine or more semester hours or enrolled in a full-time graduate program to have current hospitalization and accident insurance. Proof of insurance must be provided to Health Services annually.

To comply with the mandatory health insurance requirement, all students will be billed for annual coverage of the Academic Health Plan in July. If you have other personal health insurance and want to opt out of the student health plan, you must submit an online insurance waiver annually at the beginning of EVERY fall semester.

Please note that students entering or returning from leave in January will be billed for spring and summer coverage under this plan unless a waiver is submitted.


Immunization, Health Record, and Health Insurance Requirements for Students

All students, undergraduate or graduate, enrolling for nine or more hours or participating in a full-time graduate program are required to have health insurance.

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Insurance Waivers

The Academic Health Plan waiver is available beginning in July through the end of the fall semester add/drop period (approximately 1 week after classes begin). A completed online waiver form allows you to decline coverage and have the charge removed from your student billing account.

If the waiver is not completed by the deadline, you will be enrolled in the student health plan and the corresponding charge cannot be cancelled.


International Student Waivers

Health insurance is a necessity in the U.S. because of the high cost of healthcare. International students are eligible for a waiver from the mandatory health insurance requirement only if they meet the qualifications of one of the listed exemption categories below:

Health insurance is a necessity in the U.S. because of the high cost of healthcare. To assist students to access healthcare in the U.S. and avoid unanticipated medical costs, Trinity University requires all students to maintain health insurance coverage.

International students who have not submitted the online request for waiver and received approval for waiving the student health insurance plan by the end of Add/Drop, 6 days after classes start, will be automatically enrolled in the Trinity sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. The premium for this insurance will be included in the fall billing with tuition and fees, or in the spring semester billing, if matriculating or returning from leave in January.

Waiver Eligibility

For purposes of this policy, International students are defined as attending Trinity University on a Non-immigrant Visa/Status.

Students not defined as international include the following:

  • hold US citizenship whether or not their place of birth is overseas,
  • hold dual citizenship where the student is a citizen of the United States and another country or
  • "green card holder" also termed a Legal Permanent Resident or Lawful Permanent Resident.

If you fall into one of these categories you may complete a waiver for domestic students.

International students are eligible for an insurance waiver only if they meet the qualifications of one of the exemption categories listed below, and they submit the insurance waiver request before the deadline stated below.

Exemption Category 1: Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan will be waived for international students sponsored by the United States Government, a foreign government recognized by the United States of America, or by certain international, government sponsored or non-governmental organizations. Waivers will be based on the government or organization guaranteeing payment of all health care expenses including medical evacuation and repatriation. All requests for waiver should be submitted by the beginning of classes for approval by the end of Add/drop, approximately 6 days after classes start.

Exemption Category 2: Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan will be waived for students who provide documented evidence of comparable health insurance coverage, including medical evacuation and repatriation.

International Students who wish to request a waiver based on Category 2 must demonstrate that they have coverage comparable to the Trinity University Student Health Insurance Plan. Online waiver requests should be submitted before the first day of classes so that coverage can be verified by the deadline at end of Add/Drop and the waiver approved. If the waiver is not approved or the insurance cannot be verified the student will be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan offered through Trinity University and the premium will be included in the University bill.

To request a waiver, International students are required to provide proof of enrollment in a private insurance plan that meets all of the following criteria:

  1. The insurance company must be operating in the U.S., with a U.S. claims address and customer service telephone number. Proof of health insurance must be provided in English and US currency.
  2. The insurance coverage must remain in effect for the full academic year beginning by the student’s first day on campus.
  3. The plan must provide inpatient hospitalization benefits in the San Antonio area including mental health benefits.
  4. The plan must provide outpatient benefits in the San Antonio area with no internal caps on essential benefits. (including office visits, outpatient mental health benefits, prescription medications, maternity, and laboratory and radiology procedures). Coverage for emergency care only does not satisfy this requirement.
  5. The maximum benefit payable under the insurance plan must be unlimited (US currency.) 90% of medical expenses must be covered by the insurance company with a deductible not to exceed $500 (US currency) per year. The insurance plan must also include coverage for medical evacuation of at least $50,000 (US currency); repatriation of remains of at least $25,000 (US currency).

The following types of insurance plans will NOT be acceptable for waiving the Trinity University plan:

  • Travel policies, (available to and designed only for international travelers)
  • Insurance plans that always require you to pay for treatment yourself and then apply for reimbursement.

When making an online request for insurance waiver the international student is required to transmit a copy of the insurance card and plan details, in English, to Academic Health Plans so that benefits can be verified. Receipt of the request for waiver will be acknowledged by return email; this is not notification that the request has been granted. A notification of approval or denial will be sent via email from Academic HealthPlans, usually within one week. International students seeking a waiver of the student health insurance plan must have the waiver approved by the end of Add/Drop, approximately 6 days after classes start, to have the health insurance premium removed from their account.

Updated March 20, 2018

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Academic Health Plans

Details about the Student Health Insurance Plan are available online. The 12-month premium is payable with tuition in the fall. If you are enrolled in this plan, you can obtain a copy of your insurance card and details about claims you file by creating an online account. 

Download the brochure


Online Account

Access information about your coverage as your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at www.uhcsr.com/MyAccount.

With My Account you'll have immediate access to view and print your ID cards and access to your claim history.


Creating an Online Account is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Visit www.uhcsr.com/CreateAccount and follow the onscreen prompts-you'll need the email address we have on file for you or your 7-digit SR ID, located on your insurance ID card.

Once you've created your My Account, just log in with your user name and password at www.uhcsr.com/MyAccount and begin to access your account online, at your own convenience. Create your account today and:

  • Print your ID card
  • Review Message Center electronic notifications
  • Check claim status and Explanations of Benefits (EOB)
  • Review Claims Letters
  • Update personal information
  • Look up network provider
  • Provide other insurance information, accident details, or Personal Representative Appointment

You may also create or log into your account via your smartphone by downloading the UHCSR Mobile App from your preferred App provider.

Questions about the university-sponsored student insurance plan may be directed to Academic HealthPlans.



Change in Insurance

If your insurance changes in the middle of the year, bring a copy of your new insurance card to Health Services and we will update your records.

If you become uninsured after open enrollment and want to enroll in the Academic HealthPlans Student Health Insurance Plan, you should complete the Qualifying Event Enrollment Form. You will be asked to provide documentation of a qualifying event in order to qualify outside the usual enrollment period.