•   COVID-19 Information

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requiring all students to call ahead for a screening. Please do not present at Health Services without calling ahead. If symptoms could be COVID-19, you will be asked to schedule a COVID-19 test and wait for a negative result before coming to Health Services for an in-person appointment.

    Virtual physician appointments are available for students residing in Texas.

About the Service

Common vaccines are available onsite, including the annual quadrivalent flu vaccine and TB skin test. We offer a variety of other services in this area, so please contact us to ask about those you need.

The University Physician can and will prescribe medication as necessary. If the University Physician orders prescription medication, you are responsible for payment at the off-campus pharmacy. If you have a prescription drug card, you should be familiar with the pharmacies that honor their plan and advise the Health Services staff at the time the prescription is being ordered.


 Who can use: Enrolled Trinity students

 How to access: Schedule an appointment by calling us

 Cost: $25 for annual flu shot; cost varies for other shots or immunizations (inquire by calling)

 Confidentiality: We are required by law to maintain the confidentiality of health information that identifies you.


Make an Appointment


Prescriptions Transfers

If you currently have a prescription and would like to transfer it to a local San Antonio pharmacy, contact the pharmacy of your choice with specific information about your medication and ask to have the prescription transferred.

San Pedro at Hildebrand
(210) 738-2414 

Laurel Heights Pharmacy*
2602 N. Main
(210) 736-3161

300 W. Olmos
(210) 829-1705

Broadway at Burr R.
(210) 824-1679

* The Laurel Heights Pharmacy will deliver prescription medication to Health Services for on-campus pickup if you make payment arrangements directly with the pharmacy. 


Prepare for Your Consultation

Before your appointment with the physician, you should:

  • locate your insurance card
  • create a list of your current medications or prescriptions
  • think about any food allergies or other information about yourself that may be medically relevant


Patient Responsibilities

It is your responsibility, as a patient, to...

  1. provide accurate information about your health, including past illnesses, hospital visits, use of medicines (prescription and over-the-counter), and use of any other type of substances including vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, and other drugs.
  2. ask questions when you do not understand information or instructions.
  3. inform the Health Services staff if you believe you cannot follow through with the plan of care and treatment for your condition.
  4. recognize the effects of your lifestyle on your physical health and understand that your health depends not just on your medical care and treatment, but also on the decisions you make.