Before You Buy


Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)

P-cards are the preferred method of payment for departmental purchases of up to $5,000.

Check out the Business Office’s P-Card page for more information or to apply for one.


Ethical Considerations

Be aware of ethical considerations and potential conflicts of interest.


Think Green

The Purchasing Office promotes sustainable products and the reuse, recycling, and refurbishment of furniture.

For information about eco-friendly purchasing or reuse options, contact the Purchasing Office.


Surplus Equipment

Check to see if the goods you are seeking to purchase are available through TU Surplus Property. Contact the Purchasing Office for more information and appointments.

If you identify surplus property your department can use, you may initiate the request to transfer to your department by completing an Equipment Transaction Form.

Surplus Policy


Discount Programs and Coops

Check out the Purchasing Office’s compiled list of programs and coops that might help you find a better price. For information about Trinity’s Office Depot account, contact the Purchasing Office.

University-Funded Orders

The Purchasing Office is here to help you through the purchasing process. Please reach out to us and stay in contact as you go through the purchasing process.

Don’t forget to check out the Purchasing Policy and Procedures for more information.


Things to Keep in Mind



Tax Exemption

Please advise all merchants/vendors that Trinity, as an Educational Institution, is exempt from all Texas State and Local Sales Tax. You may be asked to fill out a Texas Tax Exemption Certification (PDF). You will find Trinity’s tax ID number on the front of your p-card.


Capital Equipment Rules

Departments are not authorized to make capital equipment purchases regardless of the amount. Read about Capital Equipment Purchases  for more information.​​​​​​


Computer-Related Items

All requisitions submitted for computers, software, and other technology-related items (printers, scanners, monitors, etc.) must be processed through and approved by the Director of Information Technology Services (ITS).

Place an Order


Federally-Funded Orders

Please contact Sponsored Projects Accounting and read through the Purchasing Policy and Procedures to learn more about the specific requirements for making purchases with federal funds.


Shipping and Delivery


Shipping and Billing Address

Best practices dictate that orders be shipped to a Trinity University campus address, not to off campus locations or private residences.

The shipping address for all orders and billing address for p-card purchases is:

Your Name
Your Department
Trinity University 
607 Kings Court
San Antonio, TX 78212

Damaged Deliveries

Upon delivery of your order, Central Receiving will expect it for any obvious exterior freight damage. They will not open any packages; it will be your responsibility to inspect for interior damages.

Any damaged freight shipments or missing/wrong items should be preserved in their original containers (do not dispose of any boxes or materials when damage is discovered).

Submit a Damage Report

Report the issue to the merchant/vendor within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise. You can contact Central Receiving for assistance with filing damaged freight claims.



Capital Equipment

Each year the University budgets specific funds for equipment purchases. Departments may not make these purchases, but instead may request funding for equipment items (except office computers and printers) costing at least $500 that are needed to accomplish their assigned mission.


Step 1

Departments must submit requests for approval to the director or appropriate vice president. The President will grant final approval.

Departments should order the items in their requests in order of priority. Each item listed should include a justification for its purchase, any equipment specifications, and its cost.

Step 2
Presidential Approval

Upon approval, the Division of Finance and Administration will send the approved equipment list to each respective Vice President and will notify receiving departments.

Once notified, departments will issue a Requisition Form (PDF) for their equipment purchase and forward it to Accounts Payable , who will then route it to the Purchasing Office.

Step 3

The Purchasing Office will place the orders and ensure that the items are approved, the best price is obtained, and are charged to the appropriate account number.

Departments can recommend vendors to the Purchasing Office. Any costs above the approved item amount are charged to the appropriate department account.

The Purchasing Office will inform the Inventory Coordinator of all equipment purchases.

Step 4

If departments determine there is a need to purchase something other than what was approved, submit a request to the appropriate vice president who will seek approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Capital Equipment savings can be allocated toward additional capital equipment purchases for that department or program upon approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.


November 1: Departments submit capital equipment requests and budgets. 

March through April: Approved allocations are sent to the Vice Presidents and notifications are sent to receiving departments.