Trinity University is committed to diversity. Trinity offered almost $6 million in merit-based scholarships and need-based financial assistance to international students admitted to the Class of 2027. Candidates who qualify for merit-based scholarships and/or need-based financial aid will receive notification with their offer of admission.

Merit-Based Scholarships

All international applicants are considered for general merit-based scholarships based on the materials submitted with their application for admission. Historically, scholarships have ranged from $5,000-$30,000 USD per year, renewable for 4 years (8 semesters).

The review criteria is similar to that for US domestic applicants - merit scholarships are based on the strength of the student's academic profile as measured by the following criteria: rigor of and performance in secondary school coursework, standardized test scores, strength of essay, involvement outside of the classroom, and recommendations from school officials.

Students who are only interested in merit-based scholarships are not required to submit an application for need-based aid.



Need-Based Financial Aid

Trinity is need-aware when reviewing international applications, which means we take into consideration a student’s financial circumstances when making admissions decisions. Applying for need-based financial aid places you in Trinity’s most competitive applicant pool. For students enrolling in the Fall of 2023, the admit rate for all international students was approximately 8%. Admission is even more competitive for students who demonstrate significant financial need. Applicants who can contribute at least $40,000 USD per year towards their educational expenses are the most competitive for admission.

To be considered for need-based financial aid, students must submit the CSS Profile for International Students or the International Student Financial Aid Application with their application for admission. Applicants who indicate an intent to apply for need-based financial aid will not receive an admissions decision until their application for need-based aid is received.

*Need-based financial aid not is not available for foreign transfer students, so Trinity does not accept transfer applications from foreign students who require financial aid.



Financial Aid for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents Living Outside of the United States

U.S. citizens and permanent residents living abroad interested in need-based aid should submit the CSS Profile and FAFSA after October 1 and before February 15. No additional paperwork is required to apply for general merit scholarships.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who live abroad are packaged the same way as our U.S. students and should refer to our main Financial Aid page.


Does Trinity offer any athletic scholarships?

No. As an NCAA Division III school, Trinity offers no athletic scholarships. However, the University has excellent teams in both men's and women's sports. Trinity has repeatedly won the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference's President's trophy for winning the most championships in the conference.


Can I work at Trinity if I am a foreign student?

Yes, you can! On-campus students can work at the library, the athletic facilities, admissions office, international student services, as a tutor, or in many other campus offices. Trinity international students can obtain internships in fields applicable to their course of study. Many of these internships are paid and are facilitated through one of our academic departments.


Other Questions?

Prospective international students interested in applying for admission and aid can contact the Office of Admissions by email at