Select a meal plan

Students living on main campus are required to select a meal plan through Trinity's Housing Online Portal. Meal Plans are only available for the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Students who live in City Vista or off campus have the option to purchase any meal plan via the same portal.

Choose a Meal Plan

  • Learn about the Trinity Dining Program
    See hours of operation, request dietary needs, and more.

The deadline for selecting and modifying meal plans is the same as the last day of the add/drop period, as set in the academic calendar.

Meal Plans

Meal Plan 2024-25EligibilityPer SemesterPer Year
FLEX 200 Meal PlanAll$2,649.96$5,299.92
FLEX 240 Meal PlanAll$2,853.47$5,706.94
FLEX Jr/Sr Meal PlanJuniors, Seniors$2,559.03$5,118.06
FLEX Unlimited Meal PlanAll$3,238.84$6,477.68
Off Campus/City Vista Students Only 2024-25Per Semester
Commuter 500$541.25
Commuter 350$378.88
Campus Wide 35$484.96

Meal plan rates include 8.25% tax.