The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a budget reflecting the estimated costs associated with enrollment at Trinity in a given year.

The COA is used by the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for financial assistance. It includes expenses like tuition and fees that are billed for directly by the University, and indirect expenses (not billed for by the University) like transportation or books and supplies. Since many Trinity students receive some measure of financial assistance, the actual costs that students incur are often less than the COA.

All graduate programs use a flat-rate tuition model that includes all tuition and fees associated with enrollment in the program.



Health Care Administration (On-Campus)

Health Care Administration (Executive)

School Leadership (M.Ed.)

School Psychology

Teaching (MAT)

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs associated with each program are updated annually based on assessment of associated educational components and current cost of living.

2023-2024 Indirect Costs
  • Living Expenses: $2,080 per month
  • Books, Course Material, Supplies, and Equipment: $650 per fall or spring semester, $325 for the summer term
  • Personal and Transportation Allowance: $280 per month

*Indirect costs are an average estimate of costs associated with program enrollment and are not inclusive of standard tuition and fees. Indirect costs may vary for individual students, and will be adjusted in future academic years.