Parking Services issues parking permits and deals with the payment and record keeping for parking citations issued by the Trinity University Police Department.

Any questions regarding where to park, traffic fines or payment can be taken care of at this location. Parking Services is in Student Financial Services, located at Northrup Hall room 108 and can be reached by calling 210-999-7001.


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  Parking and Traffic Regulations

Traffic control and enforcement is the responsibility of the Patrol Division and violations are subject to University citations. Although the University is on private property, all drivers are required to abide by motor vehicle laws for the State of Texas. Bexar County citations may be issued for any violation of state and local law in lieu of TUPD citations.

Parking on campus throughout the year 7 days a week is by permit only. Parking lot restrictions are in effect between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., vehicles are authorized to park in other parking lots, except lots or spaces that are reserved at all times as indicated by posted sign(s). When faculty, staff and students are parked on campus, they MUST be currently registered and have their permit properly displayed at all times.

The registration of a vehicle on campus does not guarantee a parking space but affords the registrant the opportunity to park in authorized parking areas when parking spaces are available.

Campus speed limit for roadways: 15 mph.
Campus speed limit for parking lots: 5 mph.

Infractions of parking regulations are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle on campus.

Parking in fire lanes, yellow/white striped areas, sidewalks/walkways, on the grass or unpaved areas is prohibited and will result in the issuance of a citation and the vehicle is subject to be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Parking against the flow of traffic or along a curb (unless designated by posted sign) is prohibited.

Overnight parking should be reported to TUPD.

The University is not responsible for any theft or loss to unoccupied or parked vehicles on University property (including semester and holiday breaks).

TUPD is responsible for closing campus roads or redirecting traffic when necessary. Special events may cause temporary disruption in parking arrangements on campus for persons parking registered vehicles. During those times, although parking is limited, we ask that you park in accordance with Parking and Traffic Regulations and do not move cones/barricades. Vehicles found in violation will be fined and/or towed.

  Vehicle Registration

I need a parking permit

All vehicles, to include motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds operated or parked on University property by students and University employees must be registered with Parking Services.

The registration of a vehicle on campus does not guarantee a parking space but affords the registrant the opportunity to park in authorized parking areas when parking spaces are available.

Student decal permits must be permanently affixed to the inside of the front windshield (driver side of the vehicle). Motorcycle and moped decal permits must be permanently affixed to the right front outer fork tube or behind the side mirror. The parking permit must be removed from the vehicle when ownership changes. Parking Services must be notified of the change in vehicle ownership.

TUPD is to be contacted for special arrangements when students and employees have special parking needs (e.g. vehicle disabled, loading and unloading, etc.).

University faculty, staff and students with a short-term medical condition due to illness or injury can contact Parking Services to obtain a temporary parking permit. This permit allows parking in any space except the state approved handicapped space and any area/space that is identified as reserved parking.

Lost parking permits should be reported to TUPD by calling 210-999-7070. There is a $20 replacement permit fee.

Parking Permit Fees

  Parking On Campus

Accessible spaces are available in all Laurie Auditorium levels; Lots A, D, E, F, G, L, P, Q, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, CV, and Heidi Circle.  A TU parking permit or Trinity Associates permit is required.

 I Was Issued a Ticket

Traffic and parking tickets are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle to park on campus.

If you are a current student or employee and feel that a citation is unwarranted, file an appeal online within 14 days from the ticket issuance date through MyParking. Once the appeal has been reviewed, you will receive a response by e-mail.

If the initial appeal is denied, the next level in the appeal process is through the Parking and Traffic Committee. Instructions to submit this appeal are included in the response e-mail. Once the appeal has been reviewed, you will receive a response by e-mail.

If you are a visitor or Trinity Associate contact Parking Services for information on how to resolve the ticket.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always need to display my permit, even if my vehicle is already registered with Parking Services?

Yes. All registered vehicles are required to properly display their current permit at all times while parked on University property.

Who should I ask to get correct information as to where to park?

Ask any member of Parking Services and TUPD, or refer to “Where Can I Park”.

Are state and local traffic and parking laws and regulations enforced on campus?


What constitutes a visitor for the purpose of visitor parking and appeal privileges?

Persons periodically parking on campus that are not registered for classes or employed by the University. People who regularly frequent the campus (at least once a week) are NOT considered visitors and are required to purchase a parking permit.

Is open parking allowed during semester and holiday breaks?

No. Parking lot restrictions will remain in effect throughout the school year, including semester breaks and during holiday breaks.

Can I park in Alamo Stadium?

Parking in Alamo Stadium is allowed between certain hours Monday through Friday. Parking overnight and on weekends is not allowed.

If I need to “run a quick errand” in a building, is it okay to park in the closest handicapped, fire lane, or reserved space with my emergency flashers on?

No. The use of emergency flashers does not “exempt” a person from parking restrictions. These parking areas are created for the purpose for which they are designed. Strict enforcement must be maintained in these areas for the safety of others.

If I live off campus, can I park in a visitor space?

No. Off-campus students are not considered visitors and must purchase a permit and park in student lots/spaces.

What can I do if I come to campus at a late hour and cannot find a convenient place to park or need an escort?

You may contact TUPD (24-hour non-emergency 210-999-7070) or utilize any blue light phone and request an escort.  These phones are located throughout the campus. See Say Mobile App is a powerful safety tool that allows users to call TUPD, report incidents around campus, and access safety escort services. Download the See Say App at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.  Once downloaded, select Trinity University from the list of organizations.