Compensation Philosophy

Trinity University is committed to providing a fair and competitive staff compensation program that attracts and retains a highly qualified and diverse workforce.

Accordingly, the classification and compensation process has the following objectives:
External Equity and Competitiveness

Pay ranges are based on market survey data acquired from higher education, nationwide, industry and local labor surveys.  Take a proactive approach in managing the University’s pay plan through regular external benchmarking.

Internal Equity

Jobs with similar qualifications, scope, complexity of duties and impact are assigned to similar pay grades and differences in pay between employees is explainable by these factors. 


Factors used to determine job grades and pay are applied consistently across the University.


Ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws, and University policies.

Presentations and webinars

PowerPoint slides and recorded webinars.


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Staff starting salaries 

The starting salary for a staff candidate is determined based on the market as well as a Compensation Individual Pay Model.    The external market, internal equity, pay grade and the candidate’s education and experience above what is minimally required of the position determines the candidate’s starting rate of pay.  Most new hire starting salaries range between the minimum and midpoint of the pay range. 

Contact Karen Collins, Senior Compensation Analyst, at or on extension 7864, to request a starting salary for your selected candidate.