About the program

UNUM Term life insurance is available to employees at the time of hire.

Effective Date
The effective date of the insurance is the first of the month following the date of hire.

All benefit eligible employees will receive a $10,000 term life policy at no cost. Supplemental insurance is available in the amount 1 to 5 times your annual salary up to a maximum of $600,000 and paid by the employee. Coverage above $365,000 may be limited based on evidence of insurability and guaranteed issue amounts will require that you complete and submit a Medical History form. 

Making Changes
During Open Enrollment, employees with current coverage can increase coverage 1 times salary up to a maximum of $365,000 without proof of good health. 

If you are not currently enrolled and would like to elect voluntary life coverage, proof of good health will be required.

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Life insurance for dependents

Dependent life insurance for spouses and dependent children and grandchildren up to age 25 that are full-time students is also available. In order to cover dependents, you must be enrolled in at least 1 times annual salary coverage. AD&D may also be purchased for additional life insurance.

Making Changes
Employees not enrolling at the time of hire may participate in the program at a later date only with evidence of insurability and proof of good health.

For a more comprehensive look at the UNUM plan, including rates, please read the complete plan. UNUM can be contacted either by mail at UNUM, P.O. Box 100158, Columbia, SC 29209-3158 or by phone at 800-421-0344.