Delta Dental Insurance

Freedom of choice is yours with the Delta Dental Program

Dental insurance is available to eligible employees at the time of hire with an effective date of coverage on the first of the month following the date of hire. Coverage is available for employees and their dependents through Delta Dental.

The Plan choice you make during this eligibility period will remain for the entire plan year and plan limitations may apply.

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Delta Dental Insurance Company

P.O. Box 1809
Alpharetta, GA 30023-1809

Group #11194 (PPO)
Group #70592 (DHMO)
Division #00001

Choose a plan:

Delta Dental PPO

Select a dentist
Utilize any licensed dentist that you would like (even if they are not in-network). 

Fees and Rates
Lower fees and rates, take advantage of lower negotiated rates

Coverage for primary enrollee, spouse and domestic partner as well as dependent children to age 25

Complete DPO Plan

DPO Privacy Practice Notice

Delta Care DHMO

Select a Dentist
Choose from a network of dentists

Fees and Rates
Providers charge a set fee for services rendered

Coverage for primary enrollee, spouse, and dependents.

Complete DMHO Plan


Employees are eligible to enroll as a new hire, during the annual open enrollment periods or within 30 days of a valid family status change. Questions: For more information about each plan, email to schedule an appointment.


Sign up through the HR Department and indicate a dentist from the list of contract dental facilities for both yourself and your eligible dependents. Your selected contract dentist will take care of your dental care needs. If you require treatment from a specialist, your contract dentist will handle the referral for you.


After you have enrolled you will receive a membership packet that includes an Evidence of Coverage that fully describes the benefits of your dental program. Also included in this packet are the name, address and phone number of your contract dentist.


Simply call the dental facility to make an appointment. Please note: Dental services that are not performed by your selected contract dentist or are not covered under Provisions for Emergency Care must be preauthorized by us to be covered by your DeltaCare program.