About the program

UNUM Disability Insurance -- Disability insurance is available after completing one year of service with Trinity. Employees not enrolling at the time of their one-year anniversary may participate in the program only with evidence of insurability and may enroll only during open enrollment for the next benefit plan year. New employees who were covered under a comparable disability plan with their previous employer are eligible for Trinity's disability insurance immediately. Certification of previous coverage is required and such coverage must have been in force within 3 months of employment with Trinity.

UNUM can be contacted either by mail at UNUM, P.O. Box 100158, Columbia, SC 29209-3158 or by phone at 800-421-0344.

Disability Insurance Premium Rates Calculations
  • Annual Salary x 0.00030667 (24 Pay Periods)
  • Annual Salary x 0.00061333 Monthly (12)
  • Annual Salary x 0.00081777 Monthly (9)

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