Sophomore College

Who lives here: Sophomores, Sophomore Transfer Students

Trinity's unique Sophomore College addresses specific developmental needs of sophomores while creating an exciting and fun living environment in the residence halls. Trinity University is one of the few colleges in the nation to offer a sophomore initiative program with a residential component. Through programming and hall activities, Sophomore College supports students through the second year of their academic journey.

What Students Love:

 Views of the football field

 Living with sophomore friends

 Choose your roommates and suitemates

 Bi-weekly cleaning service

 Private balconies

Calvert Hall

Calvert Hall is the first-year student residence hall nearest to upper campus (particularly the Coates Student Center).

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Murchison Hall

Murchison Hall enjoys proximity to upper campus, the Coates Student Center and the outdoor swimming pool. 

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Prassel Hall

Dick and Peggy Prassel Hall is located on the southwest corner of the Trinity campus in close proximity to the Bell Athletic Center.

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Thomas Hall

Bruce Thomas Hall, the tallest of the residence halls, has eight floors. Thomas has two elevators. It is located on the west side of campus and is attached to Lightner Hall.

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