So...how were my roommate and I matched?

Team Trinity volunteers helping out with Move in Day

Compatible Lifestyles

The staff matches roommates and suitemates based on general lifestyle criteria. We believe that similar habits around things such as when you typically go to bed at night, if you enjoy having friends over, and how neat and clean you tend to keep things are important areas of roommate compatibility.

Two Trinity Pride students

Diverse Individuals

Prepare yourself for a diverse living environment, accept and respect others in your living area, and bring with you to the Trinity community an enthusiasm to interact with all types of people. The housing application offers the opportunity to self-identity as an LBGTQIA+ ally and a BIPOC ally, and to self-identify as preferring to live with an ally.

Three roommates in their dorm

Successful Roommates

The most successful roommates are those who actively work to make their living environment enjoyable. It's not easy to live with someone—especially someone you don't know well. In our experience, the best roommates are those who practice communication, courtesy and compromise. Regardless of your individual habits and quirks, these interpersonal skills will make for a positive environment in your room and prepare you well for life.

Leeroy the Mascot studying on a dorm room bed.

After Your First Year

You will select your roommate(s) as you move into Sophomore College and then into the Junior/Senior living areas.