Costs below reflect the price per semester. Students living on campus must also purchase a meal plan.
  = Option not applicable

Housing Costs

On-Campus Residence Halls

All prices are listed per person per semester.

(Main Campus)
Sophomore College
(Main Campus)
Upper Division
(Main Campus)





Special Single



$6,880.00 per person (Lightner and South Halls)


$4,476.00 per person $4,476.00 per person $4,476.00 per person

Special Double


$4,715.00 per person (Thomas triple rooms only) $4,715.00 per person (Lightner, North, and South Halls)

City Vista Apartments

All prices are listed per person per semester. City Vista residents are not required to purchase a meal plan.

  One Bedroom Unit
Small = 685 sq. ft.
Large = 897 sq. ft.
Two Bedroom Unit
Small = 1,107 sq. ft.
Large = 1,275 sq. ft.
Three Bedroom Unit
1,614 sq. ft.

One Person


$7,666.00 (small)
$8,564.00 (large)



Two People


$5,111.00 (small)
$5,710.00 (large)



$7,503.00 (small)
$7,748.00 (large)


Three People


 X $7,340.00

Four People

$5,003.00 (small)
$5,166.00 (large)

Meal Plans

Meal Plan 2023-24 Eligibility Per Semester Per Year
FLEX 200 Meal Plan All $2,560.11 $5,120.22
FLEX 240 Meal Plan All $2,759.29 $5,518.58
FLEX Jr/Sr Meal Plan Juniors, Seniors $2,474.60 $4,949.20
FLEX Unlimited Meal Plan All $3,130.59 $6,261.18
Off Campus/City Vista Students Only 2023-24 Per Semester
Commuter 500 $541.25
Commuter 350 $378.88
Campus Wide 35 $469.81


Meal plan rates include 8.25% tax.