3 Floors  |   Co-ed   |   72 Residents

North Hall is an upper-division residence hall that offers residents a little more privacy with its special private bedroom suites. Each resident has their own bedroom in the suite, shares a living room with one person, and splits a bathroom with an additional 2 people.

 Pricing and Meal Plan Guide

Room Features


   One standard XL twin bed per resident

    One desk, chair, and bookshelf per resident

    Microfridge® (refrigerator/freezer/microwave combo)

   Blinds over the windows

   Smoke detectors

   Air conditioning and heat

   Ethernet port and wifi


   One towel bar per resident

   Built-in cabinets and drawers for storage

   Provided shower curtain or door


  Free-standing closet per resident

Living Room

   One couch and coffee table

   Shared closet space

Floor Plans

Bedroom Dimensions: 7 ft., 1 in. x 16 ft., 6 in.
Living Room Dimensions: 11 ft., 11 in. x 11 ft., 1 in.

Customize Your Room 
Rearrange your room how you'd like it to be! Beds can be configured in different ways:

  • Standard single bed
  • Bunk Beds
  • Lofted Beds

Hall Amenities

Study lounges (first and third floors)

North-South Foyer (study and social space)

Free laundry machines (second floor)

Vending machines (first and third floors)

Secure key card-controlled access to all rooms

Bi-weekly housekeeping service


Directions and Parking

Address: One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212


There is one parking lot close to North Hall:

  • Lot X off Shook Avenue, adjacent to the hall

The closest visitor parking spots are available in Lot U next to the outdoor swimming pool. Note that to access North Hall from Lot U, you will either have to go up a staircase or go into Thomas Hall and take the elevator up.

Accessibility Accommodations

For further assistance, please call the Trinity University Police Department at 210-999-7070.

Accessibility Information - Campus Map
Check out the accessibility section on Trinity's campus map for information about accessible parking and entrances. Use the wayfinding feature to see accessible paths across campus.