3 Floors  |   Co-ed   |   138 Residents

South Hall is an upper-division residence hall featuring a wide array of dorm room layouts, including single rooms, triples, and private rooms. The south-facing half of the hall boasts cliffside views of downtown San Antonio.

 Pricing and Meal Plan Guide

Room Features


   One standard XL twin bed per resident

    One desk, chair, and bookshelf per resident

    Microfridge® (refrigerator/freezer/microwave combo)

   Blinds over the windows

   Smoke detectors

   Air conditioning and heat

   Ethernet port and wifi


   One towel bar per resident

   Built-in cabinets and drawers for storage

   Provided shower curtain or door


  Build-in armoires

Floor Plans

There are a variety of floor plans and room dimensions depending on which floor and side of the building your room is on.

Customize Your Room 
Rearrange your room how you'd like it to be! Beds can be configured in different ways:

  • Standard single bed
  • Bunk Beds
  • Lofted Beds

Bed Measurements:

  • Highest bed lofting height: 3 ft.
  • Highest bed bunking height: 5 ft. 10 inches
  • Distance between two bed ends: 6 ft. 8 inches

Hall Amenities

Study lounges (second and third floors)

North-South Foyer (study and social space)

Free laundry machines (first floor)

Vending machines (first and third floors)

Secure key card-controlled access to all rooms

Bi-weekly housekeeping service


Directions and Parking

Address: One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212


There is one parking lot close to South Hall:

  • Lot X off Shook Avenue, adjacent to the hall

The closest visitor parking spots are available in Lot U next to the outdoor swimming pool. Note that to access South Hall from Lot U, you will have to either go up a staircase or go into Thomas Hall and take the elevator up.

Accessibility Accommodations

For further assistance, please call the Trinity University Police Department at 210-999-7070.

Accessibility Information - Campus Map
Check out the accessibility section on Trinity's campus map for information about accessible parking and entrances. Use the wayfinding feature to see accessible paths across campus.